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election fraud | imperialism & war

Update on ANTI Bush protest at pioneer courthouse square tomorrow

We need more volunteers to hand out impeach Bush stickers and flyers
If you have some handy, or laying around, please come down to the square at 1 PM. This would be a good opportunity to remind people what the 4th of JULY is supposed to mean.

homepage: homepage: http://alexansary.com

What groups are involved? 03.Jul.2007 15:08


Why don't you indicate the groups that are organizing this, or is it just you? You know that there is a group that does a weekely march on Fridays from the Square...are they involved? It's kindof an older group, but they do have a drum group that kicksass!

More info would help...

friday protests? 05.Jul.2007 10:08


what time are the protests on friday that leave from pioneer square?