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Colorado Snow & Rain Micro Pics show Morgellons,Nano Technology ...

Personal research of the Rain and Snow that has been falling has shown thousands of known and unknown elements here in the high mountains of Colorado. Samples of the fallout have shown numerous Morgellons, Designer Bugs,nano tech, polymers, molds, fungus, reflective cobwebs, etc.
Just wanted to add my research to the ever growing list of individuals who have dedicated there lives for answers and solutions to this ever growing saga of the Aerosal Assault from the Skies. Starting this journey for answers has only led to more questions and frustration as to why this has gone on so long and not been addressed by the CDC. So much information and studies of the micro images that are posted globally are but a fraction of the issue at hand. We the People of the Planet Earth must continue to move forward for the answers and must make the parties responsible for these horrible Crimes against Humanity be held accountable for the mass innoculation of these toxic Particulate Pollutants.
Just my little studies of this have shown overwhelming evidence of the Morgellons, Nano Technology and too many items to name them all...mycoplasma is also a very scary thing and this too I have found in the samples...I am just an ordinary human on a mission along with thousands of others who want the answers and the solutions to these horrible issues. Also having tested my and my friends snot, spit, skin and the animals. We all have these in us and on us. I am but just an amatuer who has a passion for the truth. I could not believe this was Real... Till I started my experiments on my own. With all the sites for reference to help me verify my findings even now my brain wants to say No this can't be happening.
It is so hard for our minds to accept that other humans could create and deploy such plans. Our cognitive thinking is so blinded by the immense scale of this that so many are in denial. The apathy of people is at times discouraging. But that, I think gives us who are aware more motivation to help others see what is right in their faces. I don't have a medical background but with all I have been reading about this, it has been a crash course. We are very lucky at this time to still have the open internet to expand our minds to make our own Free Choices. But as these rights are slowing taken from all of us, it is so important to gain all the the information. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.
LOOK-UP and take action. We must make our elected officials aware and accountable. We are the keepers of the planet and ultimatly the responsible party. We have all been guilty of putting our heads in the sand. But now we are seeing the truth.
I thank you all for your time please check out some of the sites with the great information. Rense.com is a very informative one to check out. They put the story and some pics on my little experiments last Friday called "Shocking Photos of Rainwater". I thank them for letting me help in my own way to get the message out.
I am honored to be associated with so many intelligent people that this jounrney has led me on. I also thank them all for the Little People who are so afraid to speak up or are just to sick to even think anymore. Just go to your computer and type in Chemtrails, Weather Modification or Morgellons and the information is endless. Good luck on your research and no questions are stupid. So Do Not be afraid to ask ...Fear is our Worst Enemy. We have enough of those anyway without creating more.
If you would like to check out some of my reasearch you can go see what I have captured under my microscope. The bee pics are of interest lately, because of the cobweb like structures that are all over them. When I see these webs on all the insects I have caught and viewed...There are no words..just more questions.
Again thanks to all of these wonderful indiviuals who are helping us all to SEE. They are documenting information that is more valuable than we can imagine. May our Great Mother Earth take pleasure in all your efforts to show the populace these horrific findings. May she also forgive us for our greed and stupidity. Sincerely  coloradolesarae@yahoo.com