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Local Videographer Assaulted by Portland Police Officer to Sue City

Local videographer Carey Klein, better known as Deva, will file a lawsuit today against Officer Mark Zylawy and the City of Portland for assaulting him while he was filming a World Can't Wait Protest at the Lloyd Center. Deva is well known to the Portland Police. He has been recording police conduct at demonstrations for many years. Some of his videos have been used in past lawsuits against Portland police officers for use of excessive force, including the case of Marbet v. City of Portland in which the City of Portland paid over half a million dollars in damages and legal fees to victims of indiscriminate use of pepper spray at demonstrations.

This lawsuit arises from an incident on January 31, 2006, when he was recording a group of protesters as they exited the Lloyd Center. The protest was organized by World Can't Wait to demand an end to the Bush regime. Because Deva was filming the protest from behind, he was the last person out as the group exited the Lloyd Center. A security guard grabbed him and said, "Time for you to go!" Shortly thereafter, Officer Zylawy pushed Deva from behind, without provocation or warning, causing him to fall on the concrete parking lot. The fall caused injuries to Deva's elbow, shoulder and hip. Deva refuses to let the incident intimidate him or discourage him from monitoring police misconduct, but he takes the incident very seriously. He has chosen to sue the officer and the City of Portland for this assault because he feels that it is essential for police officers to be held accountable when they attack the people who monitor their behavior.
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