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AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich Speaking at Benson High School

Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich spoke to a large gathering Sunday evening, July 1, 2007 at Benson High School, his speech focusing mainly on the need for universal health care and Globalization.

His talk lasted abut 25 minutes, and the remainder of this 47 minute audio file is questions and answers from the audience. Oddly, he didn't mention the Iraq war that much, or even his early ongoing opposition to it.

Dennis, as is usually the case, was very eloquent, to the point and demonstrated a way to take our country back from corporate control. Yes, he skirted the 911 issue; yes, he wasn't extremely forthcoming concerning some issues dear to the far left. But, he only had so much time and I believe he made good use of this hour.

"This is the beauty of this country, because as we link peace and security and prosperity, we know that we can reject the entire basis that has formed this government that currently exists of war, fear and poverty. And we see the connection, what this campaign is about is standing for the truth, it's about being able to challenge the corruption that underlies what's wrong with America today. Let's look at the links, okay?"

"War, oil, corruption, so that's one; we have war because of a corrupt government which is all about oil. Let's look at the next connection here. Lack of health care, private insurers controlling our health care system, corruption; that's the link, think about that...........and then you think about so many people out of work, or not having the jobs they once had, and you think about NAFTA. It's about a race to the bottom and even slave labor."

And you look at the Immigration issue. At the root of the Immigration i ssue is corruption; it's the use of slave labor and exploitation of people. So, does any of that represent who we are? What this election is about, this is a moment to explain who we are, the deeper meaning of 'We the People.'"

Dennis was interrupted numerous times to thunderous applause and standing ovations, and deservedly so. He understands his Progressive constituency; he understands and laments the corruption of Democracy as it has been slowly and deliberately undermined by the present administration. He see clearly and speaks, I believe, from his heart.

But, hear his words for yourself. He hasn't had the career of Ralph Nader, but he speaks the same language, speaks for the people. He hasn't the connections of Hillary, the good looks of Edwards, or the charisma of Obama, but he has heart, and, from where I stand, this is exactly what is lacking in this disgustingly money dripping and hallow travesty foisted upon us as the 2008 presidential campaign.

Dennis Kucinich, RealPlayer

Dennis Kucinich, MP3

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