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A Matter of Justice or the Failure of Nations

Press secretary for the Bush Whitehouse, Tony Snow, stated that Bush "has the ability to exercise his 'own authority' ..," [my emphasis]. The comment was made in reference to a dispute in Congress and to presidential discretionary powers; however, what everybody is at pains to avoid is the nature of this "authority" in the US political system. Yes, the authority that is invested in the president is invested by the people through the democratic process; a president then becomes the representative voice of the people; and all things being equal - which they clearly are not - democracy continues in a healthy State! And therein lies the tale; the sickest democracy in the world today is the American 'democracy.'
The question arises from whence does a President, no longer supported by his people - Dubya's approval rating is now the lowest in US history - derive his authority? The answer is also obvious, Dick Cheney -- the most deranged and dangerous criminal in the world today. Cheney's errand boy, scooter Libby, today evaded jail by presidential order; Bush exercised the authority invested in him by his boss Dick Cheney!

It is with considerable irony that Cheney and Bush illegally invade and plunder weaker nations, remove regimes in the Balkans and create chaos, murder and mayhem throughout the world and do it all in the name of spreading democracy! At this point I ask, with some concern, that the American people have their water supplies tested because the whole world is able to see something which is clearly not obvious to the American people!

George W Bush no longer has ANY LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY AS PRESIDENT and yet his entire regime continues on its criminally delinquent course, the simple fact is the discretionary power lies with the people, citizens have the legal and moral right to remove Bush and his entire regime from office. The rights and laws surrounding and upholding the democratic rights of the people are enshrined in the constitution and in LAW - they are sacrosanct, inviolable and there is nothing outside of declaring a dictatorship that Bush or anyone else (Cheney) can do about it! Whether a single citizen or the citizens of the entire nation call for Bush's removal from office, is academic - he must walk, or be forcefully removed!

But the story doesn't end with removing criminals from high office - that action is a beginning - the first step on the road to rehabilitating the nation and restoring it to the values upon which it was founded!

Holding criminals accountable for their many flagrant crimes is imperative if we are to live in a sane and tolerable world. Bush, Blair and Howard (and their support mechanisms) must be placed on trial for their crimes; the healthy function of a democratic State would be reinforced as a result.

Expressing the will of the people in this manner would have an immeasurable uplifting effect on the masses - the value of such an exercise cannot be overestimated, nor can such an opportunity be ignored. Be advised!


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