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Did The Oregonian forget something?

Did anyone read today's Oregonian?
If you read today's Oregonian, I would like to ask you a question. Were you able to find any mention of last night's Kucinich event at Benson High School? After scouring each page of the paper, I could not find the smallest mention of last night. I would like some confirmations as to whether I'm right or wrong in my observation. Thanks

some points 02.Jul.2007 22:43


I can't answer your question. However, if it wasn't in the Oregonian it is because they will dismiss him at every turn. He doesn't get corporate money, so they don't care. We will have to make the news for him.

He won the last debate, yet MSN called him the "quixotic" Dennis Kucinich. The public sees this and believes. We need to correct these type of labels.

Call Them Every Time! 03.Jul.2007 16:49


When I see they are not reporting or have missreported, I call them on it. If it is a big mistake I email several editors and the writer. Make your voice heard and demand accurate reporting. Remember folks, Judith Miller was fired from the N.Y. Times. We do have some influence.

The Oregonian is a Right-wing rag...drop your subscription!! 03.Jul.2007 16:55


The Oregonian ran some GOP drivel that Kempthorne was spewing at some local meeting of local pols, without questioning any of his Orwellian assertions about how BushCo is the true protector of the environment. Kucinich will be marginalized by such a propagandistic tool. I hope the Willie Week carries the transcript, or maybe the Mercury.

I forwarded the things I posted here and on the Oregonian's website to Media Matters, asking if it might be of interest because it shows such a harsh anti-environment bias. I haven't heard back, but I would recommend that Portlanders start exerting pressure on that shitty local paper by publicizing such complicity with the GOP schtick.

Oregonian spreading GOP propaganda without question?!?!
author: Styve

I caught this article on the Portland presentation by new head of the Department of the Interior earlier this week, and the lack of a byline, and the unsubstantiated nature of the claims Kempthorne made (and the Oregonian echoed) pissed me off enough to demand an explanation.

Kempthorne is a Bush crony, appointed to a position in the department that is chest-deep in the Abramoff casino corruption, and whose deputy sec'y, S. Griles, was convicted and sentenced for obstruction of justice
People should stop supporting this right-wing rag!!
Oregonian disinfo on US Sec'y of Interior - why no byline??

The story published today reeks of GOP propaganda!! Why not point out that Kempthorne is a Bush political appointee with an anti-conservation history as Governor of Idaho? There is a USA Today article (below) from the time of his appointment which has information that could have provided valuable context for the propaganda the Oregonian published as news. Should I do an op-ed and ridicule the Oregonian's GOP bias?!


Interior chief sees technological help
--Dirk Kempthorne worries young people have less connection to nature
Thursday, March 22, 2007

U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said Wednesday in Portland that new technology will allow resources such as natural gas to be tapped without disturbing wildlife and can reduce American dependence on imported energy.

He also said today's younger generation is becoming disconnected from nature and may not care as much about the land as today's adults.

President Bush's budget dedicates $22 million to restore nearly 500,000 acres in six targeted areas in the West, he said.

"These areas have seen growing conflict among competing uses of the land," Kempthorne said, including wildlife habitat, recreation and energy development.

"I am well aware of friction among conservationists, recreationists and energy developers," he told a meeting of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference.

He added that conservation has been the rallying cry for many groups "only equaled by the cry for more energy and less dependence on foreign oil."

He said the administration's goal is to deliver energy "in an environmentally sensitive way."

The goal also is to maintain centuries-old wildlife areas into the future, he said. "It will take a holistic approach to do this," he said.

The Green River Basin in Wyoming is one of the six targeted areas, he said.

"The basin has world-class energy resources sitting under world-class wildlife resources," he said.

"The area has enough natural gas to heat 4 million homes," said Kempthorne, a former Idaho governor and U.S. senator.

"It also has 100,000 deer, 100,000 pronghorn antelope, 40,000 elk."

He said Bush's Healthy Lands Initiative would develop basin resources while conserving wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities through restoration projects.

The developer's footprint, he said, "has been reduced dramatically."

"From what had been 8-10 acres per well head is now down to half an acre," he said.

Drilling can be done in several directions from a single well-head, he said, joking that if he had known that as governor of Idaho he could have used the technique to plunder neighboring Wyoming's natural gas.

He said there are risks and opportunities in conservation.

"The risks are that our children become disconnected with nature and the traditions of hunting, fishing, birdwatching . . ." he said

He said the number of hunting and fishing licenses is declining in most states.

The younger generation, he said, is more organized and computerized. "The closest many children get to nature is a screen-saver fish." he said.

He urged children to shut off their computers and go outside.

Today's adults, he said, are the stewards of the land. "We have overlooked developing the next generation of stewards."

The League of Conservation Voters, the main lobbying arm for environmental groups, said its scorekeeping shows Kempthorne hostile to their interests.

"During his career in Congress, Gov. Kempthorne earned a paltry 1% lifetime LCV score. Enough said," declared Tony Massaro, a senior vice president of the group.

Todd True of Earthjustice law firm said that as Idaho's governor, Kempthorne "led the charge to strip protection from 60 million acres of America's last wild forests and he's consistently fought against protection for wildlife like grizzly bears and salmon."

On a new interior secretary's agenda is the administration's desire to open 3.6 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling over vehement objections from the president's brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He also would be the administration's chief advocate for allowing oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

After his one term in the Senate, Kempthorne was elected governor in 1998 and easily won a second term in 2002 with more than 55% of the vote in his reliably Republican, conservative state. He spent the past year pushing for more state parks and improving and expanding the state's roads with money raised from bonds.

Two days before Bush took office, Kempthorne sued to block the Clinton administration's plan to reintroduce up to 25 grizzly bears over five years into the Bitterroot wilderness of Idaho and Montana. Norton withdrew the plan five months later. Kempthorne was part of a four-state salmon recovery effort, working with Indian tribes and the Northwest Power Planning Council to try to help the endangered fish without removing dams or curtailing hydroelectric power output.

Why would anyone read the oregonian? 03.Jul.2007 21:18

make them irrelevant.

As long as we keep looking to the corporate media to somehow validate us, we are giving them more power than they are worth. Much more power than we should allow them to have over us.

Fuck the corporate media. Who cares what is or isn't in the oregonian. WE are the media. You, me, and everyone else who participates in the open publishing on this site, we are the media. The oregonian is irrelevant.

Yes, They Forgot Something 04.Jul.2007 12:37