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Guilty Until Proven Innocent in Multnomah County

Multnomah is trying to force my partner to prove she WASN'T a resident in 2005. What if every government agency tried this kind of crap?
My partner sold her property in Multnomah County in June, 2004 and moved in with me in Washington County.

Recently, she received a letter from Multnomah County requesting that she provide "proof" she was not a resident in 2005. This got my dander up - what if every government organization chased you around with this kind of crap when you moved? I sent them a letter that said that if my partner had been a resident in 2005, she would have paid her taxes (which is true); and that here in these United States, we don't have to prove our innocence and we don't have to show the government our papers.

Now they have sent a tax bill for 2005. It's completely bogus, of course; neither of us was a resident of Multnomah County in 2005, not for even a single day, not in any way, shape or form, through presence, property ownership, or any other conceivable definition.

Yes, I know I could get them to go away by sending them a copy of a gas bill or something. But by God, maybe it's because of Bush commuting Libby's sentence today, by God I just won't do it. Somebody has to stand up for the way the legal process is supposed to work around here. We don't need to prove to anybody that we're innocent of anything. I'm just sick and tired of the inversion of rights from personal rights to government rights.

Is this happening to anybody else?

Prove innocence? 03.Jul.2007 21:56


As we all know, in a court of law, the state must prove you guilyy, you
need not prove yourself innocent - you need not utter a word if you so desire.


You MUST carry proof of insurance in your vehicle.
It's not sufficient that you HAVE insurance, and ARE NOT breaking the law.

If you lend your car to someone, and he/she is caught
speeding by the photo radar, YOU will receive the citation,
and YOU must prove to them it was not you driving.

Personally, I'd tell them that you anxoiusly await your day in court.

when the jails are full they go after you with bogus taxes 05.Jul.2007 10:15

Joe Rowe

That is frustrating. I have a similar story.

I was abused by a cop who gave me a $400 fine. September 2004
I was not given a fair trail and the lower court judge illegally declared me guilty.
I had to pay my fine. April 2005

Then I won in the Oregon Court of Appeals.
Then I got my fine back February 2007
Now I get constant abuse in the form of postal mail, phone calls and email.
They say I owe taxes on that $400

Now I need another lawyer, and so on and so on.

Any advice?

ps: If you can win in the courts it does not mean you can be free from tax abuse. There are no checks and balances.

jrowe (at))) igc.org

How to Deal with the issue 06.Jul.2007 14:16


My sister-in-law had the same problem. She basically did the same thing you are doing. In the correspondence, it gave her a date that she had to challenege or dispute the validity of the taxes. She ignored it. Since she did nothing by the date they gave, it did not matter that she was innocent or could prove it later. Bottom line is she had to pay. If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and headache, just prove it now before the date passes. Should you have to get an attorney and go to court, it is going to cost you one way of the other.

In regards to photo radar, you simply have to send them a copy of your driver's license and swear that it was not you driving. I have received several of these and sent in my photocopy and declaration that it was not me. Even though the picture looked just like me, I swore it wasn't because I was sure I would not break the law. :) It has been several years and never heard back from them.