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Kucinich Last Night

Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich held a rally in Portland last night at Benson High School. What'd y'all think?
being a diehard kucitizen from the 2004 go round it was great to see the Congressman beaming back in portland. however i was a bit disappointed in the speech; it felt like a rehash of the 2004 stump speeches rather than a fresh perspective of 3 years wiser. the idea that his campaign can gain traction this election cycle seems tentative at best.

great questions from the audience though! lots of 911 queries, although the candidate wasn't too forthcoming. i would love to see him run as an independent.

Kucinich was uplifting and right on. 02.Jul.2007 18:38

tsalagi red

Dennis' speech, as usual, was an uplifting rally cry. He talked about single-payer health care, free trade agreements, the Department of Peace, and all of his usual issues. He also talked about the importance of the impeachment process.

This was a rally speech, and I was not disappointed that he gave the same "old" message, which no other candidate is giving. If you want to hear more detail and insight, then you should probable tune into the debates on tv, or go and read some of the position papers which his campaign was giving out last night.

What I like about Kucinich is his optimism in the face of improbable odds. What we need on the left is hope for change. Unfortunately, what we usually get is infighting and cynicism.

The fringe left was there in force, as usual, even some LaRouche fascists handing out their flyers. I think that the candidate selection method of these folks is to take the best progressive candidate, tie some weights around his (or her) ankle (let's call these weights 911 "Truth" or something), then you throw the candidate in the river. If he swims, you can say, "See, I told you he was one of THEM". If he drowns, you say, "I supported that guy 100%".

Very efficient for making sure a progressive never wins. Makes you wonder whose side these people are really on, doesn't it?

best candidate 02.Jul.2007 20:56


Kucinich is the best candidate to this point. It remains to be seen who the Green Party or others will have.

Kucinich was terrific at BHS, uplifting and stands for everything progressives want. If he doesn't make it, and recommends turning delegates again to the Dems, it doesn't mean they have to do so. You are your own person and vote. Why project this possibility as if it will be? Instead, work to elect him to make it happen.

DK is no corporatist, so don't use their arguments against him. He IS electable--by you and me. He represents the people in the truest form. He offers hope.

Code Pink was outstanding as they came down the aisles with pink umbrellas marked to "IMPEACH."

The Story Is the Activists Who Showed Up 03.Jul.2007 14:42


I was an usher at this event even though I am not and never again will be a Democrat, and even though I agree with many of the criticisms of Kucinich in this thread.

The Kucinich organizers were not sure that they would even have enough people to fill the first few rows of the auditorium, but many hundreds of people came to this under-publicized event. Like me, they came because they crave an alternative to corporatism and hegemony, even if they don't call it that.

Support for the issues that Kucinich is popularizing is important, even if support for Kucinich himself doesn't matter to us. Like Gravel, Kucinich represents the possibility of reformation of our political system, and this is an honorable undertaking, even if it fails.