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Local TV host calls all dissenters to Pioneer Courthouse Square on the 4th of July

Bullhorn with Alex Ansary, host of Outside the Box at 1 PM
This is a news article because it's important that on this day many Portlanders will find themselves more interested in firing off Chinese fireworks than understanding how their constitution is being shreded. Your support is needed to hand our flyers, dvds, and leaflets. Here are some of this things I discuss:

The current PHASE of the centralization of power
The phony left right paradigm
911 Truth
The media monopoly
The Federal Reserve
Police / Surveillance issues
Genetically Modified Food

You can find me near pioneer square at 1 pm. Later Ill be marching through the rest of downtown with a few people. Please bring your signs as well. This has an undetermined end time. Email me at alex_ansary if you have questions. Find me at alexansary.com or myspace.com/ansary. View the show online on google video or on Channel 11 every Thursday at 7pm.

See you there!

homepage: homepage: http://alexansary.com
address: address: Pioneer Courthouse Square

email address : Alex_Ansary@hotmail.com 04.Jul.2007 02:54

pdx911truther - Outside The Box theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com


503 287 3473
7-9pm Wed July 4th at Laughing Horse Books at 12 NE 10th Ave, off E Burnside
7-9pm Wed July 4th at Laughing Horse Books at 12 NE 10th Ave, off E Burnside
7-9pm Wed July 4th at Laughing Horse Books at 12 NE 10th Ave, off E Burnside
blast from pdx911truth past: July 2005
blast from pdx911truth past: July 2005

Post Protest Update 04.Jul.2007 19:31

Alex Ansary alex_ansary@hotmail.com

Great event today. Very tired. We coverd the square, the pioneer place mall area, borders bookstore (outside), handed out hundreds of flyers and lots of smiles and honks from drivers. We also covered the waterfront park area. We went beyond 911 and let people know about homeland security and top off 4. We mentioned that all over. I was stopped once and my ID checked, and warned on the bullhorn. We pretty much spread the truth in one spot, and left so we never overdid it. We had a strong turn out of 20 people and handed out a lot of info.

It was great to sit in the shade for awhile and sit as friends and share our experiences, our struggles, and hope for the future. I made some new friends, and we are planning a national ID card protest later in the summer to inform drivers of the upcoming Real ID Act of 2008. Now that it's 7 15 and I still ahve my voice, Im gonna think about how I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the fourth. We did give some police some information on 911 as well and even had a good chat with one cop. We're on camera discussing the Phoenix Joint Task Force Flyer were Constitutionalists are being compared to terrorists , or those who constantly refer to the constitution and or talking about a loss of liberty.

Happy 4th Everyone. Video online in time.