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your g9ov at work
Well it happened----Libby not to go to jail----damn this government


homepage: homepage: http://cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/07/02/libby.sentence/index.html

of course 02.Jul.2007 16:09


Laws aren't instituted to put rich white criminals in prison. But there is a pretty big upside to this which is that it will make Bush even more unpopular and be yet another nail in the coffin of the republican party.

LAST STRAW? 02.Jul.2007 16:19

LONEVET Squadron13.com

More on this shit:


1 02.Jul.2007 16:19


Here's the link explaining what it is. I thought CNN was vague.


I disagree. 02.Jul.2007 19:29


Bush even less popular than he was with people who already hate his guts. But that's about it. This was calculated months ago on the cable talk shows as being no-brainer for Bush. He loses no support from his supporters, and wins no converts from anybody else.

howl 02.Jul.2007 19:30


Though I know I need not say anything about how disgusting this act of 'clemency' is, I simply had to add my voice to those of my brothers and sisters who are also sick sick sick of the actions of this administration. We knew this was coming, of course, but "hope springs eternal" nonetheless, and reading this posting proves yet again that those rich enough, white enough and criminal enough can expect to get away with anything. Take heart. This is no different than what we have seen before. Take care of each other...our community is our strength.

This 02.Jul.2007 21:50


enrages me to no end. While the SHAC 7 and other eco and animal prisoners are rotting in jail...the rich who have done immeasurable damage to us all walk free.

disagreement is good 02.Jul.2007 23:38


It forces me to clarify my position. First, I don't think Bush is any more unpopular with people that "hate his guts". This ruling comes as no surprise to those who are paying attention to Bush's flagrant violations of the law, including the constitution.

However, this is a loss for Bush supporters who wanted Libby pardoned. Bush actually contradicted his base who have been calling for Libby to be pardoned because he is "innocent." Now Bush has pissed them off by saying Libby is guilty, he just isn't going to serve jail time. This further pisses of the Bush supporters who think of themselves as believers in law as Bush is saying it's ok for guilty people to not go to prison, which is antithetical to their beliefs.

However, according the SUSA poll 40% of republicans don't support Bush's action. Now, this is most likely Bush's base, pissed off that Libby wasn't pardoned, as well as those republicans who think a convicted criminal like Libby should serve his time. But still, it's bad news for the republican party.

 link to electioncentral.tpmcafe.com

And this, too . . . 02.Jul.2007 23:57


Heaping irony on cynicism, from the left wing of the GOP, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declares that Bush's sentence commutation stunt "condones criminal behavior."

In that case, what does Ms Pelosi's declaration that "impeachment is off the table" condone?

just so people realize 03.Jul.2007 01:16


The sentence was commuted because it allows Libby to plead the 5th in further investigations into the outing of a covert CIA agent and prevents him from going to jail. Everyone should fully expect that Libby will be pardoned, on schedule, after the 2008 elections and before Bush leaves office. And this surprises no one; it's not like Bush wasn't perfectly clear on what was going to happen to the traitors:

"And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of."

Yes, all traitors will be well taken care of by the Bush administration; you can bank on it.

Libby would have given information to stay out of jail 03.Jul.2007 02:31

Fred Bauer

This is just damage control. Nobody should be surprised, but it still makes you angry. Think of all those people Bush put to death just to provide for political theater for Texas bloodsuckers.

Nomad Is Correct: Democrats Are More Complicit Than Ever 04.Jul.2007 12:53


Note that absent from all their "investigations" is the one crime that should stand above all others: aggressive war, the "supreme crime", above all other crimes, according to the Nuremburg Tribunals. Is it because they themselves are also guilty? Libby is a pissant.