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FBI surveillance of my son

My son's account of being relentlessly dogged by the FBI and local law enforcement agents. He and his friend, Kyle, built a model rocket out of boredom one day, as they had learned to do a middle school class years earlier.

Eli endured extreme mental distress during the period of surveillance, as did Kyle. We feel the stress contributed to Kyle's suicide on 7/2/06.
In 2005 my residence was entered by two Federal Bureau of Investigations agents and a North Bend [Oregon] Police Officer. Federal Agent William Soulle and FBI Bomb Technician John Hallock, accompanied by Officer Jeff Bohannen, entered my residence and seized several computers, books, papers, scraps of plastic, paint, glue and other miscellaneous items which were related to what they called an "imminent terrorist threat" and would be used to "determine the intent" of the device I will mention in a moment. This would be the beginning of a five-month long investigation which would include FBI tails, line-taps, surveillance, and in one scenario, being stopped early one morning at an improvised roadblock on a rural road.

So, what did I do to earn the scorn of the Federal Bureau of Investigations?

My friend and I, out of boredom, constructed a device to launch a model rocket. A model-rocket-launcher if you will. According to the FBI, however, we had constructed a lethal and highly-illegal device similar to what was being produced by insurgents in Iraq. News of our "Improvised Anti-Personnel Weapon" (IAW), we would find out, would make it all the way to Washington D.C., to both an anti-terrorist task force at the Pentagon as well as to the desk of the President of the United States of America.

It quickly became apparent that we were in a situation with the U.S. Government that had the potential to be highly-volatile, that could end in arrest and detention in undisclosed locations, or worse.

But, how did it get to this point?

The day Kyle and I finished the device, we decided to test-fire it in what we perceived to be a safe location in the nearby area. The location was ideal. It was on a dirt lot away from any property or timber that could be damaged, an area I had practiced target shooting with my bow years prior. It was an area that a lot of local kids, like I had done, visited frequently to light off firecrackers and shoot slingshots without getting into huge trouble or burning something down.

Kyle and I put the launcher into the cab of my Ford Ranger and, followed by my father (who decided to come along to take pictures), headed to the area which was located just down the road from our house. As we pulled into the lot, the ignition switch was touched somehow and the rocket ignited in the truck, filling the cab with smoke, resembling a particular scene from a Cheech & Chong movie. No damage done. At that exact moment, however, a squad car pulled in behind us and turned his lights on.

My truck was searched, the launcher was seized and given over to the State Police. From there, it was handed over to the FBI in Salem. Little did we know, the property I had been visiting for years was newly-acquired airport property. Now it was a matter of National Security, a matter which would produce search warrants and affidavits issued by the U.S. Department of State, and would begin long and far-reaching federal investigations against all three of us.

During that time I was tailed everywhere I went, my phones were tapped, my mother's phones were tapped, Kyle's phones were tapped and my father's phones were tapped. I was followed in the local area, tailed by unmarked cars as well as police, and even followed on several trips to a location three hours south of my hometown. My email accounts were being obviously monitored and about once a day emails would go missing and reappear, or I would be unable to login to any of my accounts during short periods of time throughout the day. The FBI was not making any attempt to conceal their surveillance measures. I almost completely stopped using phones and e-mail, and rarely strayed from preset courses when traveling in an attempt to identify surveillance vehicles. A word of advice to anyone under investigation...everything is surveillance. Fear ruled my life. I stopped sleeping, I stopped talking, I stopped traveling. I started listening, watching and making note of everything--trusting nothing and nobody. If it looked like a trick, it was...and there was nothing I could do to stop it, so I just had to live with it.

Since that time I've been afraid to say anything at all. I know that within the borders of this country, if you are intelligent and eloquent, you are to be considered extremely dangerous.

It is after much consideration that I've decided to start this blog in hope of sharing things which are of interest to me with others and creating an open forum where these things can be discussed and where our ideas can be shared.

Eli's blog is at  http://guerrilla-redneck.blogspot.com/

The FBI was reading my emails too 02.Jul.2007 13:38

Anarch formerly from North East, now living elsewhere

I went through three years being unemployed after the FBI started harassing me for my anarchist websites. I had all of the same problems with my emails, as described above, but eventually found out something even worse. One prospective employer who had replied to my emails but never got a response, called me on the telephone and told me she had been trying to reach me for some time and had sent me many emails. I confirmed that she had the correct email address. Those emails were not making it to my inbox. They weren't in my spam mail box either. Evidently, the FBI's surveillance included deleting emails from those wishing to employ me.

To get around this, I went to an internet cafe, opened a new email address under a fake name, and that problem stopped.

freedom from covert harassment and surveillance 03.Jul.2007 05:03


Thank you for your responses. I feel very lucky to still have a son today.

One response via my email at  sweet_earth_lover@hotmail.com included a website for people experiencing surveillance/harassment. It is at  http://freedomfchs.com/page2.html. Of course, in Eli's situation, the surveillance was overt, as well overt.

24/7 27.Sep.2007 00:45

Diana Williams, Dallas,TX 214-909-9587 radarme7303@hotmail.com

Rhonda my prayer's are with you and your son. I have had all the same problem's with my computer as already mentioned. In fact numerous time's my mouse would take on a life of it's on. I also noticied when I would try to go to a particular sight, as soon as I would type in the address I could hear numerous clicks on my computer. At some point I started hitting the view control and going to the source button. It was after seeing "PLEASE YAHOO HELP US SOS ASAP REDIRECT ASAP REDIRECT ASAP" I had been aware of being watched 24/7 year's before having a computer. So this was really no surprise. When you finally realize it's up to you cause no one else is going to help you. You learn alot by trial and erro. So for a short time I could quickly open up another page and use a different browser. It worked alittle while until "THEY" caught on. Then if they couldn't freeze my computer or turn it off, "THEY" just turned off the whole house breaker's somehow. So off I went to the public library. WOW, I was so impressed at all the information I had access to. However less then 20 minutes and the perp's were all over me. So much for the copies of web page's I ordered. LOST and access denied again. I even tried different location's, but those darn perp's would get there before me. One of them even wrote me a nice note and offered his phone number if I should have anything I would like to discuss. His name was Grover. I would also like to add for anyone just figuring out that someone/something is taking control over all of there communication device's to hold off spending a fortune trying to get proof. Unless of course they are BILLIONAIRE'S. I was willing to spend every dime I had and did a pretty damn good job. I hired the best Roger Tolce's with Bug Sweep's out of California, Jim Bearden out of Dallas,Tx, Bearden Investigative Assoc. and Jim Morris, HELP out of Dallas, TX. Let's just say beside's confirming yes to microwave's, elf, emf, rf, etc,etc. All of which I ALREADY knew. 2 of the 3 won't testify in court fearing their on safety. 1 of those who I liked and actually felt sorry for as he had tear's in his eye's as he told me he had never had a case in over 25 year's that he felt his own life was put in danger by except for mine. I had also given this detective very important documentation and certain item's for safe keeping since nothing at my place is safe. I guess nothing of mine is safe anywhere. They ended up missing from his office. The other detective, another ex-CIA I believe was a perp himself and stole my evidence and I fear did more then that. The funny thing is I actually went to the last detective because I kept finding myself without any written documentation. I mean after spending $10,000.00 wouldn't you expect a written report. The last PI assured me they were legally required to do so. Guess what, NO REPORT and I felt like this guy STOLE my evidence. Yet despite numerous request and dropping by their office still "NO REPORT" So a word of advise save your money. Let's all pull together. We have strength in number's and God is on our side. In closing I would like to think each and everyone who has been a victim of this and reading this has become stronger and wiser beyond what they could have imagined. This being my first posting on this site, I would like to give Thank's to God for lifting me and being my 24/7. Now I see 2 set's of footprint's in the sand. God Bless Diana Williams p.s. Year's ago several well meaning folk's warned me not to discuss these thing's as I was putting my life in danger. My life was in danger. That's exactly why I did discuss MC, ST, NWO. I didn't want to die for nothing. Now I feel obligated to warn other's their life is in danger. NO I don't feel like chicken little. He that hath ear's let him hear.