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raging grannies... contact

yo, so we've been floating around the idea of the black bloc and the raging grannies working together for a long time now.
Long and short of it, is there an email we can use to communicate with the raging grannies when we have an action coming up? We have a lot of respect for ya, and as the only two groups in this town actually pissed off about this war... actually ready to take a stand to stop it. We'd be more powerful together. And so on and so forth.

try this 02.Jul.2007 11:00

pink emma

try 02.Jul.2007 19:10


might have to drop "brigade" out of the email adress string

just a suggestion if it doesnt work as it was posted?

Contact info 02.Jul.2007 22:05


Google, "the really seriously Pissed off Grannies who want this war Stopped"

Thats the name of the Portland ,Oregon Grannies whom I think you meant you want to find.

Oct 27 07.Oct.2007 04:20


Coming from Dorchester People for Peace in Boston, I will be in Portland, Oregon over the 27th and am wondering what form and where the action will take place, or will it be obvious once I am there?