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McDermott signs onto Impeach Cheney bill

Representative Jim McDermott has broken ranks and has signed onto House Resolution 333, calling for impeachment of Cheney. Call to thank him for standing up for the Constitution: 1-800-614-2803
Call your US Rep and ask if they are now willing to get on the right side of history and impeach this administration!
McDermott is the first US Representative from the North West to break from Pelois and sign onto the Impeach Cheney bill, House Resolution 333.

If you go to www.house.gov/McDermott you can hear his speech.

David Postman, Seattle Times chief political reporter, had an article on his blog, Postman on Politics
Here are few quotes from McDermott's speech:

"For months I have believed that impeachment was a dire course of
action," McDermott said. "Over these same months, I have seen the
vice president repeatedly drive our nation into increasingly dire
situations, in Iraq, in Iran, and within our own country as he
tramples over the Constitution like it is a doormat."

McDermott said he is now convinced that impeachment is necessary
because, he said, Cheney has repeatedly held himself above the law.

"Since the president permits this flagrant disregard for the
Constitution, it is up to the Congress to act and defend the
American people," he said.

McDermott had advice for Cheney, too, if the vice president wants
to resign:

"Call it a medical condition. Call it a political condition. Call
it what it is -- the departure of a person who forgot that he works
for the American people."

Let's let him know how much you appreciate this action, by expressing our thanks. I called and was told that many others had done the same to support McDermott.
I also called my US Representative Brian Baird and his staff person did not know about McDermott's action. I asked whether Brian was now willing to support impeachment. The staff person did not know.
Toll free number to Congressional switchboard: 1-800-614-2803

homepage: homepage: http://www.citizensimpeach.org