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UCLA vivisector's BMW firbombed by animal activists

A group calling itself the, "Animal Liberation Brigade" targeted UCLA vivisector Arthur Rosenbaum in a Firbomb attack. This comes almost a year after UCLA Vivisector Lynn Fairbanks was targeted by similar methods by animal activists.
For Immediate Release
June 28, 2007

UCLA Vivisector Gets Heat for Animal Abuse
His BMW is Firebombed to Protest Useless and Cruel Experiments on Non-human Primates

Los Angeles- In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, activists claimed to have incinerated the luxury automobile of UCLA primate vivisector Arthur Rosenbaum. Claiming to have witnessed abuse of the highly intelligent animals personally, the activists went on to threaten Rosenbaum with some of the same cruel and useless atrocities he perpetrates on innocent primates in his laboratory.

Rosenbaum's current NIH grant claims he is artificially creating the eye disfigurement known as "strabismus" - or severe cross-eyedness - in monkeys. This study, by its nature, requires the use of unanesthetized, fully conscious monkeys, utilizing a device used to restrain them while they are forced to perform visual tasks. Quoting from his NIH Grant Number: 5R03EY015247-03, "non-human primates...will perform visual tasks in this environment, while eye position and muscle force output can be recorded. Eye position is accurately obtained through pickup of an implanted scleral search coil in generated differential electromagnetic fields. Muscle force is directly measured with implanted muscle force transducers (MFT). The lateral rectus muscle will be temporarily dennervated through metered injections of Botox, and will be stimulated with implanted electrodes using the MFT frame as a platform."

Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD explains: "The research protocol calls for restraining monkeys in a device that keeps their heads from moving, while metallic coils are glued to their sclerae to allowing tracking of their eye movements. This is an inordinately cruel experiment purporting to study a usually self-limiting disease that can readily be studied in volunteer humans. I hope Rosenbaum stops his cruel and useless experiments."

The communique reads in part:
[A] gallon of fuel was placed and set a light under the right front corner of Arthur Rosenbaums large white shiney BMW. He and his wife Sandy, living at 465 Loring avenue in la, are the target of rebellion for the vile and evil things he does to primates at UCLA. We have seen by our own eyes the torture on fully concious primates in his lab. We have heard their whimpers and screeches of pain. Seeing this drove one of us to rush out and vomit. We have seen hell and its in Rosenbaums lab.

correction 29.Jun.2007 16:22

young pup

Beagle, a slight correction to your post.

The bomb placed at primate UCLA researcher Lynn Fairbanks home was accidentally placed on a neighbor's doorstep.

I mention this because I personally condemn these tactics and while the ALF (or ALB) says they do their homework, some of their actions, and mistakes, illustrate that they do not.

Oh yeah, and in this latest case, the bomb didn't go off. So they got that wrong too.

i know 29.Jun.2007 21:44


This is true young pup that the ALF did make a mistake by placing an incendiary on the wrong door step. That is an unfortunate mistake and I agree better research should have been done. In the struggle for animal liberation many mistakes will be made. We as a movement must learn from those mistakes, and move on. Also don't forget that UCLA vivisector Dario Ringach quit his job shortly after this action took place apparentley, because he felt the pressure from animal rights activists. So I would say even though the action should have been better researched, it had a possitive effect. Dario's research on Macaque Monkeys was terminated. Lives were saved.

They did get the right address in this most recent action against Arthur Rosenbaum. Even though according to media reports the incendiary didn't go off, it will still send a strong message to the vivisection industry. I think it will make him and others think twice about the research they do and the way they make their living.

Don't believe everything the opposition says 30.Jun.2007 10:33

Animal Liberation Press Office press@animalliberationpressoffice.org

Regarding the incindiary device left at Fairbank's home; it would be a common scenario for law enforcement to claim it was left at the wrong home in order to draw out the activists, who might dispute it. This same tactic was used after some SUVs were burned here in LA, as the feds accused a selected suspect, knowing he didn't do it, and then drew a response from the real activist whose email was then traced. In Fairbanks case, there had been noisy demonstrations at her home repeatedly, making it unlikely the wrong house was targeted. Recall also how they trotted out an elderly woman as the victim next door, just like the 60 Minutes piece on the San Diego fire where they panned in on babies in strollers and elderly in wheelchairs while interviewing a fireman.

In the most recent incident, at least one report in the mainstream media states police reported there was a fire, so don't jump to the conclusion that the device did not ignite; UCLA is famous for their propaganda campaign, and it would be in their interest to minimize the action and at the same time, try to belittle the activists.

they lie 30.Jun.2007 17:25


I also question the law enforcements claim regarding both these actions.

here's another example of the media and law enforcement spinning the ALF.