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Why put up with Cheney, the war, imperialism and mass idiocracy... Secede

Why the PHUCT are we not seriously talking about secession from the empire. Common Cascadians. The Vermonters are. The American fascists are in protracted occupation of Iraq. The continuous push to have a war in Iran. The war on education. The war on lower classes. The war on civil rights. The war on a social contract. A war on the ecosystems. A war on anyone that is not an Anglo American wealthy publically hetrosexual fundy Christo-fascist.
Vermont Out, D.C. In?
The folks in Vermont are apparently not happy with the state of the union, and they're looking to do something drastic about it -- secede. We say let them go.

A report on Fox News last week found that a movement for Vermont's secession from the United States has apparently picked up steam, with the percentage of supporters in the state growing from eight percent in 2006 to 13 percent this year. And as crazy as the idea might seem, some Vermonters -- long known for their quixotic ways -- are convinced it can work. They even have a name picked out should independence become a reality -- the Second Vermont Republic -- and their own flag. And in a way, the loss of Vermont would give the District something of a historic opportunity.

Should Vermont take its 623,000 residents and form an independent country, the District could easily fill the void that would be left behind by the loss of the state's people and their small congressional delegation -- two senators and one representative. And since Old Glory just wouldn't look right with 49 stars, we could also adopt their star and avoid the inevitable lopsided mess that the flag would become with one less star -- or one more. Call it the path of least resistance to full statehood.

We're not saying we want Vermont gone, but we'd understand if they wanted to go.

homepage: homepage: http://dcist.com/2007/06/14/vermont_out_dc.php

and if we were to succeed..... 28.Jun.2007 09:05


there would be an economic embargo that would reduce us to the state of Haiti. This is the minor consideration that those wanting to leave the US never quite think over.

embargo? 28.Jun.2007 18:36

Ecotopian Yeti

If Cascadia and Vermont were to secede. Then do you really assume that the US would be the same economic force it pretends to be that it is right now. The US empire is an deeply indebted country to China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and even to Mexico. A successful secession by any part of the US would mean a shift in much of what we percieve today as "US power". Though we maybe throwing the word "secession" around in this case a bit much. Let us look at this in another way: normally I avoid the word "secession", but the reality is when the US starts to break up it will be due to an economic slap in the face. States or regions "seceding" will most likely not be looking at "secession" from a powerful political and economic powerhouse, but instead be looking at it as "how can we economically and polically preserve our soveriegnty at the moment of massive upheaval". That time is most likely coming in the slap-in-the-face-reality-check combinations of peak oil; global climate change (more mega hurricanes like Katrina and rising sea leaves due to sudden ice sheet melt); reactions to CAFTA and NAU; shift from US to China global economic centers; growing disillusion of the American dollar as its shifts from a global gold standard to a inflated debt note; shift from petrodollars to petroeuros; economic folding of crucical infrastructure due to debt; devestment of major corporate holdings (Halliburton to UAE, Frieghtliner to Mexico and so forth); shift from a state sponsored military-industrial complex to an international corporate loyal private military; critical collapses in the infrastructure due to lack of federal funding; growing regional cooperation and independence; etc. Breaking free ultimately will not come about with a group of us Cascadians standing in front of the state capitals yelling "Free Cascadia" (though that will help with regional identity) it will come about due to necessity of the times. If you really look at the Vermont second republic movement their key point is economic management of ther state. Cascadia is different because its regional. For Cascadians it will come down to cooperation and shared interests in the Cascadian states and province as the US ignores or undermines the needs of the region and Cascadians work together to solve these issues. This brings even British Columbia into cooperation as the US Pacific Northwest seeks more regional cooperation.

Let us look at it quickly this way: Who and where did the Chinese head of state visit first when he came to the US? It was not Mr Bush is Washington DC. It was Mr Gates in Washington state. The Feds owe debt and the ports owe trade potential for a mega-industrializing China. Not that we Cascadians should be wanting Chinese manufacturing and infact to survive peak oil and global climate change we MUST convert our economy and socio-ecology back to extremely localized economies with a bioregional cooperative network and standards (commonwealth).

one correction out of mess of typos 28.Jun.2007 18:58

Ecotopian Yeti

"ports owe trade potential for a mega-industrializing China" should be "ports own trade potential for a mega-industrializing China"

Occupied Cascadia 29.Jun.2007 19:01


"there would be an economic embargo that would reduce us to the state of Haiti."

Embargo of what? Name one thing the US produces that we can't live without or get from another source. I'm sure Mr. Chavez down south would love to sell us what petrochemical sludge we need just to tweak the American's noses. Food? Perfect opportunity for the grass seed farmers of the Willamette Valley to convert over to growing a useful crop. Water? We live in the land of rust and mold, we got water (at least until global warming kills that). Wood. Same. Clothing? US clothing industry has been dead for ages.

With the exception of some raw material (steel for example) there isn't a whole lot I can think of that we either can't get from other sources, produce ourselves or do without. Ok, yeah, we'd be screwed for new cars from Detroit.

I propose that an economic embargo would be the BEST thing for us. It would spur new innovations, lessen our consumption (OMG, HAITI you say? We'd have to *GASP* live like the rest of the 6 billion folks on the planet?) and teach us all something that Americans have forgotten, how to come together as a community and solve a problem without waiting for politicians to "solve" it for us.

what a weird article 29.Jun.2007 21:55

two mixed up issues mixed up together

The article above is really about "statehood for the District of Columbia," a perpetually delusional carrot that a certain crowd of local activists in "the other Washington" has hung in front of their own eyes for a long time. Statehood for DC would be like statehood for downtown Portland, just between I-405 and the river. Advocates seem oblivious to the total lack of sympathy from the rest of the country. (No your little chunk of half-a-city is not going to get its own two senators.)

On the other hand, dividing Washington, Oregon, and California each in half, doubling our historically underrepresented region's delegation in the Senate, would be relatively doable, especially if secession were looming in the background as an alternative. Eastern Washington, Western Washington, Eastern Oregon, Western Oregon, and Northern and Southern California are all already largely autonomous from each other. When Rhode Island and Wyoming have four Senators between them this would be difficult to argue against.