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Great Kiss In

Sunday, July 8th at 2 pm, 701 SW 6th Ave.

In response to the early June incident where 2 teenage girls were kicked off of a Trimet bus for kissing, members of Portland's queer community have organized The Great Kiss-In.
For Immediate Release:


Friday, June 22nd, 2007, Portland, Ore - On Monday, June 11th, two fourteen year old girls were forced off of public transportation(TriMet) when a fellow passenger complained that they were kissing. The driver of the bus allegedly referred to the girls as "Sickos" and told them to "knock it off." When one of the girls became visibly distraught, the other hugged her in a show of comfort, and they were promptly ejected from the bus.

TriMet, according to Mary Fetsch (communications director,) has a policy against kicking minors and "vulnerable" people off of the bus. While Trimet has issued an apology to the girls and their families, and announced the driver "will face disciplinary action", the focus of these apologies has been on the fact that the girls are minors, and not that they are same-sex. Members of the LGBTQ community of Portland are outraged that this aspect of the situation has not been addressed, and that Trimet's response has been so mild. They are calling for a public apology by both the driver and Trimet to the entire LGBTQ community, as well as additional diversity training for Trimet employees.

To call attention to the issue, "The Great Kiss-In" has been organized for Sunday, July 8th at 2 pm. Members of the LGBTQ community will gather at 701 SW 6th Ave, in front of Trimet's offices, to kiss in a show of solidarity with the girls. Their message is that everyone has the right to show their loved ones affection. All allies welcome.

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Yes! 28.Jun.2007 11:17


What a great idea!!!!

maybe there is a misunderstanding 09.Jul.2007 06:04


I think this is a good idea, but maybe when the busdriver called them "sickos" he was really advertising the movie "Sicko" and meant "hey you guys did you hear about Michael Moore's newest movie, Sicko". Ok maybe not.

what do you expect? 15.Nov.2007 03:47


every one has a right to show affection, every one. you cant help the people that you fall in love with, even if you are the same sex, you might as well say "oh no! those people are foriegn, lets kick them off because their not from this country!!" if people that dont like the fact that people of the same sex are together....... then fuck them!!! they have no idea what it feels like, their just opinionated twats who have their heads up their arse 24/7. the world is changing and their going to be left behind, boring old farts!! lol.