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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

July 4 Emergency Antiwar Convention with Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan "...join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try and figure a way out of this 'two' party system that is bought and paid for by the war machine which has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives."


This convention was originally called forth by Cindy Sheehan as a
response to the betrayal of the antiwar cause by Congress. Cindy gave a call to all citizens to

"...join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try and figure a way out of this 'two' party system that is bought and paid for by the war machine which has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. As for myself, I am leaving the Democratic Party. You have completely failed those who put you in power to change the direction our country is heading. We do not condone our government's violent meddling in sovereign countries and we condemn the continued murderous occupation of Iraq."

"We gave you a chance, you betrayed us."

"I am an advocate for a new investigation, that's for sure. Everywhere I go, my audiences are filled with 9/11 truth people and I really honor your commitment to finding the truth."

We shall join together in Philadelphia on the 4th of July in the spirit of '76 to confront a tyranny that has taken over this country and threatens the future of civilization and life on the planet.

As such, this historical moment demands that the antiwar, peace and social justice movement, the growing impeachment movement, 9/11 truth movement, civil liberties & human rights activists, veterans groups, patriots all across the political spectrum, act together strategically as a 'United Front' to deal with this crisis anew. A 'United Front' respecting each group's independence, while recognizing each other's contribution and greater potential in a common goal to stop these wars.

This caveat of reality goads us on -

The War's continue, a nuclear attack on Iran could happen at any moment, peace is not coming to Israel nor Palestine, though" All men are created equal"- for the policies of the neoconservative war party still rules the Whitehouse and intimidates Congress to abdicate its Constitutional powers in violation of the same Oath our soldiers die under false pretense to defend.

We must do better!

This meeting is intended produce a message that will metaphorically put another 'crack in the Liberty Bell', in the spirit of freedom, to let the truth ring forth for peace and justice... This is our determination in unity, backed by tools, such as impeachment, running real candidates, etc, (your ideas and plans that we want heard) that shall initiate a successful campaign that will stop these war's at their source.

"Without 9/11, the war criminals in high office do not have a leg to stand on. Their entire National Security construct collapses like a deck of cards."

"Revealing the lies behind 9/11 would undermine the legitimacy of the "global war on terrorism,"

Michel Chossudovsky, author of America's War on Terrorism

Events begin at 1:00 PM on July 4th

Opening Remarks: Introduction and ground rules for this event. We want to establish a context for our interaction aimed at developing trust and cooperation. We want to bridge differences, while at the same time recognizing the individual character and strengths of our coalition participants.

Presentations: We want to hear each other! A 10-minute window for leaders from various groups aimed at introducing your work, present and future plans, and your suggestions towards a greater strategy will be provided. Please provide some bullet points of your strategic plans and how you want our movement to evolve.

Strategy Deliberations: We want to discuss various options that we have towards defining a plan of action that recognizes our various strengths and resolves our weaknesses. (We would not be having this meeting if we had stopped the war.)

We will conduct our deliberations and debate with the possibility of using break-out groups and other strategies to better caucus and define our positions, with the goal of strengthening communication and trust among ourselves.

Keynote Panel and Speakers: 7:30 PM - to be followed by the signing of Our Declaration of Truth, Peace & Justice- July 4th, 2007

Panelists so far include-

Webster Griffin Tarpley historian, investigative journalist, expert on international false-flag terrorism; author, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, now in its 4 th edition, and amazon.com bestseller on the subject.

David Lindorff award-winning journalist for over three decades, contributor to The Nation, Salon, and Business Week; co-author, The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office

Register: Describe your organization, and number attending,  brmas@earthlink.net We need to know who is coming ASAP.

Sponsors: Peace Action-Delaware Valley, Ad hoc committee for (PEAC)-Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Conference

ENDORSERS: Peace Action-Delaware Valley, Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network, World Can't Wait, Delaware Valley Veterans for America, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Northeast 9/11 Truth, Green Party of Vermont, MUJCA (Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance), Socialist Party USA, Greens at Minnesota, Green Party Pennsylvania, Coalition for Peace Action ...more to come

Bruce Marshall
email:  brmas@earthlink.net
Phone: 802-767-6079

Paul Deslaurier
e-mail:  paulnrg@aol.com
Phone: 413 232 7888

Phyllis Gilbert
Phone: 215 732 9349


Our nation is in crisis. Our Constitution has been shredded. The peace movement has run aground, and impeachment is "off the table." The war machine continues to trample the will of the people and crush any opposition in its murderous drive toward global domination.

The Democratic Party has betrayed its mandate to end the Iraq War and bring the troops home, exposing the two-party system for the elite corporate tool it is.

We no longer have a free press. Our major media are owned and controlled by the same few corporations that manufacture arms and feed off billion-dollar contracts handed to them by Bush appointees.

Where are the checks and balances?

Where is Government by the People?

Where is the public outrage?

It's time to demand truth and accountability from our elected representatives. It's time to insist that they answer to the people, not corporate lobbyists or well-funded ideological fanatics.

It's time to eliminate election fraud and ensure that the sanctity of the voting process is never again compromised.

It's time to bring our troops home and stop funding pre-emptive wars of aggression.

It's time to resist the curtailment of our civil liberties based on color-coded fear, and to reclaim the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

It's time to impeach the President and Vice President, based on overwhelming evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors.

It's time to challenge the official account of 9/11 as scientifically and logically implausible, and to demand a new, fully independent investigation of the foundational event for the war on terror, that if exposed, would awaken Americans out of a collective trance of complacency and fear.

It's time to examine the historical, political, social, and psychological roots of September 11—and all false flag terrorism—repeatedly invoked to justify an endless war on terror and virtual dictatorship by the Executive Branch.

We call on all activists and concerned citizens across America to come to Philadelphia on July 4th and present a united front to reclaim our Government.

We invite groups and individuals from the peace, impeachment, anti- globalization, labor, 9/11 truth, civil liberties, civil rights, fair elections, and other movements, along with persons of good will from all walks of life.

We welcome progressives, leftists, libertarians, conservatives, anti-fascists, independents... .. Join us!

This is the time for action, not apathy; for union, not division.

This is the start of the Second American Revolution. A new beginning for hope on the planet.

Go Cindy!! But doesn't hypocracy suck ; ) 27.Jun.2007 21:10


Thanks Cindy for taking a lot of slack from the Left and still standing your ground. I just dopn't understand folks that will fly across the country for a weekend protest. First off do you really think that 1 more person at some random rally is going to make a huge difference. Because, in my opinion, it better if you want to offset your contribution to the war and climate change by flying. Maybe we should think about the whole picture before rush half way around the world just to feel the energy of a huge crowd. Now if you have a bunch of other things happening or your not just making it a short trip them maybe, but its probably still not worth it.
my $0.02

this I like 27.Jun.2007 21:11

theresa mitchell

Time to start over.

Cindy Sheehan Supports 9/11 Truth 27.Jun.2007 23:32

Pulverized in Midair InsideJob@Cheney.com

Cindy Sheehan: Twin Towers' Collapse Looked Like Controlled Demolition
Anti-war icon supports move for new investigation into 9/11

Prison Planet | May 31, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Anti-war icon Cindy Sheehan has gone public on her support for the 9/11 truth movement after she told a radio show that the collapse of the twin towers looked like a controlled demolition and that there should be a new investigation into the terrorist attacks.

Sheehan, who made headlines this week after she distanced herself from the Democratic party and the establishment left, joined Alex Jones to share her views on her skepticism towards the official 9/11 story.

Sheehan said her decision to desert the Democrats was sparked last week when the Iraq war funding bill was passed and it was at this point she realized the Democrats had co-opted her simply to help them regain Congress and that they had no interest in ending the war.

Sheehan attacked Hillary Clinton as a "warhawk and a "warmonger" and said there was very little distinction between her and John McCain or Rudy Giuliani.

On 9/11, Sheehan expressed her support for the Jersey Girl's petition, which calls for a new independent investigation of the terrorist attacks, slamming the 9/11 Commission Report as a "total travesty and a smokescreen."

"George Bush and Dick Cheney held hands and testified behind closed doors, not under oath," said Sheehan, adding, "There are many things that just don't add up on that day."

Sheehan questioned why U.S. air defenses were distracted by drills and exercises scheduled for the morning of 9/11 and why standard operating procedure for intercepting errant aircraft was not followed for the first and only time in history.

"When you lose control of an airplane, you intercept it with a military jet and that should only take seconds - from what I understand it's not even an order to do that it's mandatory," said Sheehan.

Speaking on the collapse of the twin towers, Sheehan stated, "It does look to me like a controlled demolition - I'm not an expert - but it does look to me like a controlled demolition - I'm looking at common sense."

"I do see some very high profile people saying it was an inside job," concluded Sheehan.

 link to www.infowars.com

Cindy Sheehan with Alex Jones speaking out about the 9/11 cover-up:

 link to video.google.com

Spend Money and Energy Wisely 28.Jun.2007 15:28


Cindy has been a fantastic leader. She deserves the rest she said she was going to take.

A better use of the money might be to write a check to your local Peace groups, War Resisters League, Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War and etc. Military families who resist are often low income and your money means so much to these organizations.

Another idea is to create your own small demonstrations out in neighborhoods that have never seen one. So it at rush hour when working families stressed to the max ae driving to work. Get the message out about how the costs of war are hurting every one of us.

"The war ate Susie's education" "The war Ate aunt Fannie's medicare" "The war ate my drug prescription benefits" "The war is killing us all" "War is terrorism with a bigger budget".

Dress in nurse and doctor or graduation robes. Show people how it hurts them.