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Help With Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing's Educational Outreach Campaign

Every 2 weeks, including this Sunday CAAT (Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing) volunteers go out in the community and put door hanger flyers on doors. The campaign has been ongoing for over 5 years and has distributed over 60,000 doorhangers in the greater Portland area.
doorhanging interviews
doorhanging interviews
CAAT is looking for some new volunteers to help out. Every other Sunday morning, a group of people go out together. It is a fun group and nice to walk around different neighborhoods in Portland. The flyers are placed on the doors, but when there is dialog with people, it is usually positive. It would also be helpful if people wanted to go out by themselves but don't have time on Sunday morning.

Included is an audio clip with interviews with a couple organizers. To learn more about the Campaign or to volunteer, call CAAT at (503) 972-CAAT or send the email to  mail@caatinfo.org

You can also visit the CAAT websites: