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PDX GNU Hurd User Group

Free Software user group.
I'm in the process of speaking w/the FSF and Freenode about founding a local GNU Hurd User Group so all interested parties please drop me a line. :-)

do you have any stated goals for such a group? 27.Jun.2007 11:54

just wondering

It seems like Hurd is continuing on its path to being too little too late. And not that I discourage its development in the slightest, but I have trouble seeing myself using it anytime in the near future. I think for those looking for an alternative to GNU/Linux should be looking at Gnu/Solaris (like Nexenta).

Hm. 27.Jun.2007 16:45

csimon cmshurd@verizon.net

I apologize for being vague; I suppose this user-group means a medium that affords like minded individuals opportunities to gather, socialize, and share their enthusiasms for Free Software and in particular The Hurd. Nothing too officious, just a more or less concerted effort in organizing something for those of us interested. :-)
To address some of your remarks; this 'too little too late' implies a competition of sorts which isn't the case and doesn't exist, so this isn't a problem; long before the Linux kernel was born the problem was a functioning kernel and thus the project to develop one was launched. The fact one became available in the meantime is a good thing. I'm afraid I don't understand why you would tell me whether or not you find it useful or not, so I cannot respond other than saying its architecture is superior to that of any monolithic kernel (including Linux and OpenSolaris). Nexenta, as I understand it has its own problems in that of it using the CDDL license ( http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/license-list.html) so I would not recommend this to people. Any questions and concerns, please feel free to raise w/me. Suggestions and remarks welcomed. I've been a GNU/Hurd user for some time now and would just like to possibly help cultivate interest in it and if not, oh well, have fun. Happy Hacking :) --CMS