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Confuse Praying with Preying

Where did they invent pepper spray? My fellow citizens of the globe we must learn the true facts of the Iran/Contra scandal as it unfolds again. Make notes. And speak up in your churches. The time for silence is over, we must call the devils out!
Costa Rica

Do you see a pattern emerging?
For the last 7 decades every country in South America
And Central America
Has had Indians called communist and terrorists.
These Indians who refused slave camp work
For big oil, banana, chocolate, coffee or sugar,
Or coca cola and Pepsi, Mercedes, and on and on and on
Where hunted and tortured.
Those who demurred in America,
The priests and nuns who visited
Were raped and killed,
Busses of nuns crashing all over the continents
As the soon to be pardoned
Criminals in American government devised a way to rule again
In the same way
The same methods,
We would open the floodgates
And sweep away the peoples civil liberties.

Robert Gates, was deputy director of central intelligence
During the Iran Contra paychecks
was pardoned by Bush
And put into New Secretary of Defense in 2006

When we redefine torture,
We are saying that the torture of Sister Deanna Ortiz
was not enough to gather information
that the 100 cigarette burns,
the multiple rapes, the horrid grilling sessions
were not torture.
There were no broken bones here.
Ortiz was tortured by American money
? Should they have waterboarded her?
American support,
? Should they have drugged her?
American officers,
? Should they have distributed the stag films they made?
American troops.
? Should she have been grateful to the American officer who left her alive?
Sure it was the contras.
And the middle east is henceforth known as Iran.
When we say
We implement the Salvador solution
What is it that Robert Gates wants to do?
Otto Reich?
John Negroponte?
What is it that these criminals have in mind?

When you are at sea on the Greyhound
Headed towards slavery's isle
Do you sing amazing grace
Or do you plummet towards a bottomless depth
Swallowed whole on your own tongue?

This year Chiquita bananas disclosed that they
Were running rightwing paramilitary goons
And had financed them with 1.2 million.
They gave the US government 25 million for anonymity.

Central America and South America
Are still watching their children die for American companies
After working 17 hour days and eating a few tortillas.
They die of starvation, the elements, death squads, for
Being labeled terrorists or communists.
Little children, nuns, priests, ministers,
Witnesses for peace,
All tortured and their bodies lie together in huge open pits,
This is The Bush Administration,
When they say they are Christians
I wonder what kind of Christian would torture Jesus AND,
Would say that Jesus was never tortured on the cross
As maybe his organs were not damaged,
His bones not hideously cracked and turned in different directions
That what they have done was not torture of god
But pious faith they had prayed about.
Maybe Bush you confusing Preying with praying.

The Fulfillment
John 19:32, 33, 36 The soldiers therefore came, and broke the legs of the first man, and of the other man who was crucified with Him; but coming to Jesus, when they saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs;...for these things came to pass, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, "Not a bone of Him shall be broken.