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Kevin Mannix wants to repeal the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act

Rich Republican Kevin Manix wants to kill OMMA and protect big PHARMA by filing a misleading and deceptive ballot initiative called The Oregon Crimefighting Act of 2008.
Kevin Mannix, a well-connected Republican activist who has formerly run for Oregon Governor, has filed a petition for an initiative misleadingly called The Oregon Crimefighting Act of 2008.

The initiative, if it gains enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, "replaces the Medical Marijuana Act with a more medically appropriate Marijuana Derivative and Synthetic Cannabinoid Prescription Program to focus help on those with legitimate needs."

In other words, all medical marijuana patients currently protected under OMMA would no longer be able to grow or use herbal marijuana as of March 31, 2009, and would instead be forced to use synthetic THC pills like Marinol or Cesamet. Many patients find these pills to be ineffective or over effective, with strong undesirable side effects. Additionally, the prescriptions for these medications are very expensive.

Mannix claims that these changes are necessary because of "abuse of the system currently in place" and has couched this language as just one section of an initiative that also provides tough language to fight meth, sex crimes, domestic violence, drunk drivers, and to tighten control over convicted criminals. We must work now to get this information to the people of Oregon so they are not fooled into repealing OMMA in the name of fighting crime. Tell everyone to Just Say No to the Mannix "Oregon Crimefighting Act" initiative.


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Question? 27.Jun.2007 21:20


I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about the ins and outs of this whole initiative process, etc. But didn't one of them get thrown out last year because it was too broad - ie, it tried to change two things in one measure? I believe they then split it into two separate ones that did go to the voters.

It seems like Mannix is trying to change WAY too many things in this one massive misguided missive. ["Misguided" is being way too kind, BTW. I just like the way it sounded between "massive" and "missive"!] Can this BS be fought on those grounds? Just a thought...

Loser 28.Jun.2007 12:02


Mannix is a political loser.

He's just trying to drum up press for
yet another losing political campaign.