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North West Conservative Underground Asian Attack

I have received harrassing emails from a person on NWCU after posting to Indy Media. Theft of photo. Race based harrassment?
Yes, I have received a number of flaming emails from someone who runs a blog on blogger.com called  http://www.nwcu.blogspot.com/

I have asked around and no one else mentions to me that they have been so attacked for posting to Indymedia.

The person does not give their name, and I asked them about this and they finally replied "Eric".

This individual then went on to steal my photograph, produced by myself, put on my site www.akha.org by myself and save it to their blogger.com site and use it on their blogger.com site.

I asked them to remove it since it was without permission, but got no reply.

I wondered if the attack was due in part to the fact that we are involved in fighting for Akha Human Rights and due to the fact that my wife is from Asia.

My questions to the person went unanswered regarding killing people including children in Iraq or Afghanistan. These people hate anyone who questions the "right" to kill innocent civilians and destroy a country.

Further, there seems to be a lot of hate towards Mexicans coming from this site, and the impression that I got from all the links was this was a kind of white arian operation.

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