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Your foolish fuelish ways

Foolish, foolish, we are not divided or evaded that easily! Bring back the electric car! Put the mandate back into effect! Move the mandate date up! Just because you destroyed them doesn't mean you won't be held accountable for them! (see "who killed the electric car")
Your foolish fuelish ways

So they have a car
A hybrid electric vehicle
That can utilize the best of gas milage
I bet they could even make this hybrid
EV also go on ethanol or biodiesel
So my point is
We got hundreds of solutions
And they are more interested in
Investing in and creating hydro-electric
(oh combustible!)
Hummer vehicles
But in the mean time (the next thirty years before they are usable)
----------------------------------------------------We can shut down the other options
And talk about out foolish fuelish ways?
How much did you spend at the pump today?
How can we go on like this-
There are so many solutions that are perfect-
Implement them all!
Dividing ourselves up-
Global warming is solvable today!
Look how fast the SUV swept our country
With huge tax rebates etc?
Why can't we do the same with
EV hybrids
Or Biodiesel trucks?
Look, it costs us less!
We could get rid of DDT
But we still had food!
What is this with our foolish fuel obsession?
Why can't we have hummer biodiesel vehichles?
Oh Gov Arnold as you road off into
Your smog smug world did you
Even bother to realize-
We can make you rich without
Such foolish fuel as oil!
You helped to kill the switch on zero emission vehichles
And climbed into your pollutant
Car and waved...
Good bye to American invention
Goodbye to American good old know how
Goodbye to the earth
Goodbye to all species
Goodbye to the frogs in the Sierra's
Goodbye to the rainforests on the coast
Good bye to our American paradise
And hello
Foolish - you will make great great oil.