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Peace Vigil in Sandy June 22

Last Friday I spotted a dozen peacemakers on Highway 26
"Sandy Oregon Peace Vigil"
As I drove up to Mt Hood this past Friday I did a u turn to get a few pictures of these peacemakers in Sandy Ore.
It was inspiring to me, I am proud of these dozen anti war activists out on the front lines in Sandy.

Good Job!

Here is the 2 min youtube video link:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Every Friday 26.Jun.2007 18:21


These local activists have been gathering every Friday afternoon for a few hours for quite some time now - at least a few months. Does anybody know what time they gather?

time is ... 26.Jun.2007 22:08

Ben Waiting

4 -6 on Friday's
info from the website mentioned in 2 minute video

Thanks 27.Jun.2007 16:40


Vids don't play too well on my old computer so i usually skip 'em. Thaks for the info.

meeting place 28.Jun.2007 16:20


We meet every Friday, from 4 to 6 PM, on the north side of US 26, across from Fred Meyer, at 362nd St.