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-Learn about the FTAA, the PPP, and western hemispheric military integration.
-Discuss what we can do to end the next 100 years of expansionist us policy, and imperialist war.

-Join us for this movie night and discussion!
Free Documentary Screening

Monday, June 25th


At: It's a Beautiful Pizza, 3341 SE Belmont St

"La Conquista Sigue (The Conquest Continues)"
is a testimonial documentary of indigenous rebels standing against the future of American Imperialism.

This video was produced in Chiapas.
In order to fund further wars for resources,
capitalists need the resources of Land and Labor.
Imagine a SUPERSTATE a single economic and military
government that stretches from Canada to the ends of South America.
This nightmare is the "Free Trade Area of the Americas" or (FTAA.)

This documentary is about the Plan Puebla Panama
or (PPP). The PPP is the main infrastructural backbone of the FTAA.
The PPP is the ten-lane highway, the energy corridor,
and bio piracy corridor that will make it all possible. Behind this threat
stands the looming specter of violent western hemispheric
military integration.

Together we stand at a turning point in the story
of humanity. Join us to witness this important documentary and discuss
what we can do to end the next 100 years of war,
and US expansionism.


Planning. 26.Jun.2007 09:43


Didja hafta have this the same night as the great docs that were showed at the R&B?

What's up with the poor planning in that regard. People who I know have contact with each other, keep either throwing benefits or else showing films on the same night at the same time in different venues. Are you trying to do that?