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I need a ride to Feral Visions 2007!`

HEY! I'm looking for a ride from Portland/Eugene to the Feral Visions Against Civilization gathering in the Sierra Nevada mountains...
The gathering is scheduled from July 27 - August 5, at a mystery location in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I'd prefer to attend the full conference, but I can be flexible. I'm 22, mostly male, drug free, and a light traveler. I'm jobfree and soon-to-be homeless, so I can't contribute much money, but I can bring lots of food, offer skillshare, etc. I'm also open to freight hopping and hitch hiking, but would love a traveling companion or two. If you can help me out, email me at letsgotoferal@gmail.com. THANKS! <3

Feral Visions info at GreenAnarchy.org