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George W. Bush Movin' Out Campaign

Please join Military Families Speak Out...
George W. Bush Movin' Out Campaign!
(a GLOBAL action)

Send President Bush a moving box,
to help him leave Washington DC.

Despite the loud voices from all over this country, we are still ignored. The polls say most are against the current handling of the war... . Are you? Let's all send George W. Bush a moving box- a moving box can only mean one thing- I want you removed; you no longer represent me! We want thousands of boxes to litter the White House mail room.

George W. Bush Movin' Out Campaign
(instructional video for action)

For more information, email  moveoutnow@yahoo.com
or call Michelle @ 562.833.8035

In solidarity,

DF, mom, educator, activist, Military Families Speak Out Supporter,
a Citizen for World Peace

Orange County, CA USA

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