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School of Americas: No child left Behind

School of America's should have been shut down. Strong expletitives should be uttered here. They are very bad people who have done very bad things. My heart is with the priests, ministers, and citizens who have spent years in jail protesting the school of the america's.
School of Americas: No child left Behind

When General Pinochet was trained
By the School of America's
I am sure he was trained in the
No child left behind act
So that when the United States
Helped on
September 11th
To create chile stadium
As a torture center and detainee center
After they killed the president
In a bloody coup
That the children of the country
Even if they were no longer labled as dissedents
Could no longer be children,
There was no longer innocence.
Maybe we do not watch these events
On TV in America
But this has not stopped Katrina Stadium
Nor has it stopped the wide spread violence
In america's schools,
As our assistance to torture grows
As the faces of the disappeared are hung
On the lockers of America
We can smile and pat ourselves on the back,
For there are no children left behind
After the School of the America's attack.