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A Logo for the Gulag of Sandy

Sandy Fishwrapper is running a story by that intrepid urinalist, Marcus Haplessway, describing the city's efforts to "brand" itself. Any suggestions?
Made the mistake of accessing the Pots today, and came upon a story about Sandy's need to come up with a logo to "brand" it's image for the upcoming Sandy Mountain Days.
Now, in a city that provides us with such racist over reacting thugs as Skelton (arrest a grieving father for grieving visibly, just cause he is latino) and Bergin (Kill a defenseless and badly injured Fouad Kaady, rather than risk getting bloody administering first aid), one should easily be able to come up with nice branding lingo and a suitable logo. Might I suggest a couple of thugs with sheets over their heads, carrying an Amerikan Flag, a Swastika, and a burning cross?

"Sandy, the City that Smokes the Helpless" things like that.

Oh, if you are really curious, I guess they have posted their intended logo on their website, which like the rest of the right wing gulag only works part time, if at all:

Oh, and hope to see you at Sandy Mountain Days, without money to spend, but with plenty of attitude.

A slight mod 24.Jun.2007 13:54


On the left, the proposed Sandy Logo. On the right, a proposed Modding of said logo: