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9/11 CITIZENS WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL: Interview with Leuren Moret & Alfred Webre

Nine-eleven, as we've said... had multiple reasons for it. It was to provide the pretext for a genocidal and ecocidal invasion using low-level nuclear war, using Depleted Uranium against central Asia - in other words, Afghanistan and Iraq and Lebanon and other areas. It provided the pretext to impose a terror-driven national security state... in North America, Europe, Asia and all throughout the world.
WTC destruction was a False Flag Operation
WTC destruction was a False Flag Operation
Interviews with Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre on International 9/11 Citizen's War Crimes Tribunal

By Cathy Garger

Wealth is never created by destroying things. This is extreme capitalism killing itself."

~ Leuren Moret, June 20, 2007

An unprecedented event is scheduled to take place Sunday, June 24, 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference. At this 9/11 Conference, Independent Scientist and world-renowned Uranium Weapons radiation expert, Leuren Moret, and International Lawyer Alfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed., will be calling publicly for the establishment of an International Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal.

The only disappointing aspect about this event is that 300 Million Americans will not be around to watch - and celebrate - this historical announcement, as it will be taking place in Canada. One certainly hopes that somebody remembers to bring a video camera.

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Thanks 23.Jun.2007 12:53

Question 9/11 lowcloudhighsun@yahoo.com

Hey, Cathy

Thanks for posting this. I should have posted a reference to this earlier here. - I've been posting 9/11 truth related news daily on indymedia though - to try to wake some people up. You have a good homepage there to by-the-by.

Keep up the fight!

History 23.Jun.2007 21:33


Do you people read history? Governments have never needed a pretext for invasion, genocide, or whatever other atrocity.

ToO 23.Jun.2007 21:40

Question 9/11