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We Fought the Law and We Won!!!!!!

Rev. Phil Wins His Criminal Case Against the State of Oregon
The state has given up and will dismiss the naked bike ride case -- all four counts!!!

Thanks to Paul Piche, Shirley Fitzgerald, Diane Woodcock, and Damon Woodcock, who all spent endless FREE hours investigating this case, and never wavered in their devotion and commitment to protect everyone's right to ride naked in front of the justice center, in front of Cinema 21, in front of shoppers on NW 23rd, endless cellphone cameras, and of course, the Portland Police.

Thanks to the naked witnesses, Jasun Wurster, Adam Douglas, Kyle Kelly, Curt Dewees, and of course Rev. Phil for making this representation such a joy!

Thanks to Bronwyn for such a great job modeling for the naked justice publicity poster, to Dat for his great photography, and to Curt for organizing the effort. Thanks to Steve Sherlag for donating his scales of justice to use for our absolutely beautiful publicity poster for the now not-happening 6/27 trial, and John Gastin for offering his scales.

Above all, thanks Rev. Phil for being such a joy throughout this process. You're a great man.

Without their help, my guy would be fighting for his freedom next Wednesday and having a much tougher time of it. Instead, the state was staring right down the barrel of a bitter, complete defeat and blinked.

Isn't life grand?

Ride Naked!


P.S. Join us on the World Naked Bike Ride next June 8th or so . . . and remember, your incidental nudity is protected speech!

phone: phone: 503.228.6655

good work Stu 22.Jun.2007 19:25


Wow, a whole year of stress, and they did not have the evidence to prosecute. That is some real institutional abuse to Rev Phil. But great work, by you and your team Stu!

Now what action is being taken against the woman who assaulted him (she hit him with her SUV), and her Cop boyfriend who "arrested" him after she hit him?

Super sketchy incident, and those two should not walk away unscathed.

Yay! 22.Jun.2007 21:51


We love you Stu! Thanks for all the hard work you put into protecting the people!

Thanks Victory!!!! 23.Jun.2007 00:34


Your thanks keep me going.

Regarding the other comment,

If anyone thinks the cops didn't have evidence to prosecute, they're mistaken. It took a year of hard work by a dozen of us to stop this train of evil, and we did it! Please do not minimize our long hours and hard work by assuming something that is not true.

Going after Truscott and her boyfriend Stensgaard? It's important to understand we schooled them not to mess with us. Believe me, he won't and if she's smart she won't either. Their failure here causes them embarrassment and shame and humiliation. Nothing is as effective as that. I'll see Stensgaard in the courthouse regularly, and he won't enjoy one second of it. They've been "gone after" as much as will be effective. You can sue them for money, and if you're lucky and work hard, you'll get a little money, but not more freedom. This win is about freedom, baby. And that is a much much bigger prize.

Big thanks to Stu! 23.Jun.2007 09:14


This is great news!

We are very fortunate in Oregon to have loving caring lawyers with integrity and values like Stu Sugarman, Paul Loney, and Lauren Reagan (and a host of others.) Without men and women like these who are willing to sacrifice the monetary rewards of their profession to defend activists and dissenters, the resistance would be dealt a serious blow and the state would run roughshod over what is left of our constitution and bill of rights.

These people are true heros that deserve our respect and admiration and a whole bunch of gratitude!

Much Love to Stu et al 23.Jun.2007 12:35

Harry K

Stu Sugarman is a mensch.

Where can I view the poster?

why take offense Stu? 23.Jun.2007 14:22


"If anyone thinks the cops didn't have evidence to prosecute, they're mistaken. It took a year of hard work by a dozen of us to stop this train of evil, and we did it! Please do not minimize our long hours and hard work by assuming something that is not true."

Time after time we see folks facing charges for stuff they did not do, just for attending a protest or in this case the WNBR. I have seen people be accused of throwing bottles (a charge the cops will make up in order to attack the crowd), assaulting officers (one guy was charged because a small amount of spit came out of his mouth while he was shouting a protest chant and it landed near an officer). People are arrested for crossing the street (or steping into the street), or for being pushed up against, or touching a cop or their car or horse (these are considered crimes).

From my understanding, your client had potentially been the victim of a crime himself (he was hit by a car, because a motorist did not like the ride), and arrested on false and or trumped up charges. I am not a lawyer.

Please except my gratitude in representing him.

It is my impression that the DA drops charges when they realize that they do not have a case (aka: they don't have the evidence to prosecute). It is sad to watch people facing charges have to go through such crap, like Rev Phil did, waiting and thinking they are going to trial (what was it 5 different times?), possibly facing conviction for an incident for which they have been the victim. By stating this though, I am not minimizing your work. I full well know, and others should know as well.. that when people are arrested on trumped up charges it a lot of work for their lawyers. Really a shit load of work.. THANK YOU.

A whole mess of people have been in Rev Phil's shoes, and it really sucks. It is a serious amount of stress to constantly be expecting a court date or trial when you have not even committed a crime. If this is not what happened here (and i hope you are not argueing he was actually guilty..), it has happened to a lot of people in our community.

To Catherine 24.Jun.2007 20:08


All I can say is that your understanding of what happened, and what the State's evidence is, is way off the mark. I can tell you that our preparation for trial was about overcoming the state's evidence that Rev. Phil committed four crimes. We obviously did that.

I don't know where you got the misunderstanding the state did not have evidence. The state has plenty.

yeah Steve 27.Jun.2007 19:31

Lt. Billiam Esquire III billsellis@gmail.com

next step, recruiting volunteers for the US Army to join us on the next ride?

Congradualations! 30.Jun.2007 07:30

Damos Abadon (Clifton D. Brooks) KoldPhraust@hotmail.com

Hello Stu. After reading your posting here, i had to congradualate you & Rev. Sano for your triumph over zealous, vicious cops - on or off-duty! I personally don't understand why the cops' girlfriend wasn't charged with attemped murder for nearly running over Sano, a purposeful & deliberate act. Oh well, no vehicular homicide law... You may or may not remember me. I'm one of the people arrested on March 18th during the anti-war/facsism demonstration infront of the "Justice" Centre. You were set to represent me [inicially] in community court. Then the DA decided to add additional charges because, aparently, police officers don't actually KNOW the law, just enforce it. Anyways, Edward LaClair will be representing me in my trial on the 18th... But once again, congrads & way to go Stu!