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Mystery lights in SE?

Did anyone else see those lights in the sky? Or can someone please explain them?
Thursday June 24th, 11:20ish. Walking east on Clinton St with a friend. I was stopped by two bikers. "Have you guys sen those lights?" they said. we turned around and saw some crazy lights up in the sky. Pretty far out. Maybe 12 or 15 bright orange lights in the sky. After a few minutes they disappeared. Call me crazy if you will, but Im a little mystified. An hour later, eyes peeled on the sky, we saw one more further north. Please somebody explain!

yeah, there was some talk of this over at damnportlanders... 22.Jun.2007 17:06


I saw the lights! 23.Jun.2007 00:34


I saw the lights as well - about 11ish as I drove east on Clinton. I thought they were planes lining up to come into PDX, but they were really close together. Any thoughts?

aurora borealis? 23.Jun.2007 08:02

due to global warming?

I dunno, wish I'd seen them though, sounds awesome!!

tacticals? 24.Jun.2007 01:04

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I understand that the Feds, specifically the JTTF were to be practicing tactical maneuvers for several days this month, and since they often fly helicopters to chase suspects and spy into our homes with their infra-red cameras, perhaps they were doing night-time tactical stuff? They could be running in "stealth" mode with just their clearance lights on (in case they can sneak up on some bad guy in their whirly-bird)

Who knows, anything could be going on, but I'd bet on a simple explanation---besides, has anybody ever heard of UFOs with orange running lights?

Last one I saw had blue and white lights---LOL!

seriously, probably just our local spies thinking their being sneaky...

National Geographic discusses spirtes with video 24.Jun.2007 08:13

Lisa B

A full discussion of this phenomena can be read at the following website. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/06/070619-sprites.html