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The idea of a Blumenauer recall initiative was floated last night after the Bob Bowman talk.
Should not he and all the "democraps" be recalled for failing to protect us from the imminent threat of the bush/cheney group and for living up to the will of the people with regards to the impeachment and or arrest of same? Blumenauer's support of HCON 21 is shameful as is the transparency of who owns him.
Look for recall petitions to be coming your way as this will be a serious initiative.

YES! 22.Jun.2007 12:40


I've been calling for this for some time. It should be said, however, that only Kucinich and Paul, the best presidential candidates of the two-headed beast, voted against HCON 21.

Blumenauer's scurrilous record:

From: link to www.democracyinaction.org

(Not including his disgusting support for the supplemental in March of this year.)

Resolution supporting Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories May 02, 2002

Repeal ban on new nuclear weapons May 09, 2002

Funding for War on Terror July 24, 2002

Resolution praising Iraq war and linking it to the War on Terror. September 09, 2004

Expression of continued moral support for Iraq war February 02, 2005

Unilateral Foreign Relations July 20, 2005

Force Recruiters On Campus March 14, 2006

Another Bloated Military Budget May 11, 2006

Another Excessive Military Budget June 20, 2006

Supporting Israeli Aggression July 20, 2006

Another Excessive Military Appropriation September 26, 2006

Another Excessive Military Budget September 29, 2006

India Nuclear Proliferation Deal December 08, 2006 (Did not vote)



"Authorization for Use of Military Force, H.J. Res. 64

Representative Earl Blumenauer voted YES.

Blumenauer didn't vote for H.Con.Res.21 22.Jun.2007 15:21

get your facts right

Blumenauer Did NOT Vote Against HCON 21 23.Jun.2007 13:01

Don't Weasle, "get your facts right"

This kind of weasily obfuscation is what we hate about Democrats and Republicans. Yes, Earl didn't vote "Yes", he voted "Present" instead of "No". (Did you think none of us would follow your link?)

Blumenauer may have been "one of the very few voices speaking up against the war in Iraq", but he was not one of the even fewer voices calling for defunding and impeachment. Like Hillary, he is a triangulator who is always looking for a way to appeal to the lowest common denominator on foreign policy. His egregious stands on Israeli crimes alone deserve recall.

You members of the Church of Earl deserve your savior.