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WTC 7 Collapse Shown on TV

Our Chico, CA Robert Bowman Patriots Tour speaking event went pretty well. Not only did more people attend than we thought we were going to get (140+), but one of the local news channels showed up and did a report, resulting in the WTC 7 collapse videos being shown to thousands of people on the 11:00 nightly news.
Unfortunately, they did not label the building as "WTC 7", and did not specifically mention WTC 7, but it is obviously not the Twin Towers. And it was top of the hour, plus they mentioned it in the upcoming news teasers. All in all it was a fairly good report. (and the video is pretty good, considering it was filmed with a digital video camera off of the TV being played from a VHS tape, and the WTC 7 videos were filmed by the TV station's camera off of a projected screen image)

They also, somehow, gave our local Chico 9/11 Truth group credit for starting the whole 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, so that was funny. (they also claimed only 100 attendees, but it was almost 150 the room's capacity was about 200 congrats to the Sacramento group for getting almost 200 people to their event)

We sold approximately 50 tickets, and gave many others away, hoping people would donate at the door, and most of them did donate $10 or $5 for seniors and students. We took out two print ads, one in our weekly News and Review newspaper, and one in our daily Chico-Enterprise Record. That cost almost $600. So along with Dr. Bowman's $500 speaking fee, and the $200 room rental, it cost us about $1300. Our "take" was almost $900. So we all (the "core group") chipped in to cover the rest.

We are now going to start a local Chico Patriots group, as a separate entity to the Chico 9/11 Truth group, with some hope of getting people to cross over. (most or all of the 9/11 Truth people will support the Patriots group, but not vice versa -- it's a way to make some in-roads, though, plus the Patriots thing is important in its own right)




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losing patience with far-right paranoia 22.Jun.2007 14:29

the broken clock that's right twice a day

Out here in hippie land we hear "the Patriots thing" and it sounds like White Nationalism.

Is that what it is?