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My sincerest apologies to Rigoberta Menchu who lost many brothers and sisters on coffee plantations from hunger and being poisoned by pesticides. If it ain't organic and fair trade, it is a child's life.
Boy I love a rich cup of coffee,
Oh the aroma
And the taste,
The way it drifts towards your nose
The nose that senses
The child picking it, belly swollen with malnutrition
Indian child dying before she's 11,
The taste of brown beans whirled together
To create the intoxicating heady sensation
Of poverty disease and malnutrition
Freeze dried instant sensation
Of death on the old white man's plantation
Oh boy I loves me some coffee
The taste of the flies gathering
On the Indians body
Starved and ruined by ever cheapening contracts
Expendable human grounds,
That you can't throw down the sink
It clogs everything
Oh boy I loves me some coffee colored children
Dying because their parents
Shoulda got an education like you
Because you ain't exploiting anyone
Its just coffee for christ's sake!
Maybe you will adopt one,
And have a cup of Joe
Wash it all down
With more food in one meal than they
Will eat all week!
Yeah baby! That's coffee,
Come on! Ain't it a rush?
Do you feel high now?
Do you feel good?
It ain't fair trade
It's roasted baby brown beans
And ooooh sugar baby plantations
The flies have gathered round your face
As you drink the coffins... .

even better... 25.Jun.2007 10:07


Even better than fair trade coffee is REVOLUTIONARY coffee! You should consider it fairest-trade organic coffee, and it supports the transformation of, for instance, rebel Chiapas into a permanent autonomous zone. Your cuppa-Zapatista-Joe, equally free of pesticides, fertilizers, and even profiteering middlemen, builds schools and funds healthcare, much more than the average fair trade bean from a yuppie grocery store can offer.

Best of all, you can get it in most parts of the world from various distributers, but in Oregon, Royal Blue Organics (from Eugene) is the way to go. There are lots of places to get in around town, most notably People's Food Coop in SE.

La lucha sigue!