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Protest the Military for Gay Pride Saturday June 23

Gay Pride protest at the recruiting office on NE Broadway, Saturday June 23 10:00 AM
Members of The Surge Protection Brigade will hold protest at the Army/Marine Recruiting office at 1310 NE Broadway in honor of Gay Pride Month on Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 AM. The Theme of the protest is "DO Ask, DO Tell, DON'T JOIN. "Discrimination is wrong, said Bonnie Tinker, but serving as a hired soldier in the US Military is even worse." Youth are routinely given misleading information in an attempt to get them to sign up with the Military, says Ann Huntwork. "Once they are in they find out things are different than they expected and they can't get out."

The Surge Protection Brigade urges all youth to ASK military recruiters to leave them alone, to TELL recruiters that they can't be paid to enough go to Iraq where they will kill or be killed, and to refuse to JOIN an immoral and illegal war.

After the demonstration at the recruiting office, The Surge Protection Brigade will join Military Families Speak Out to protest a recruiting festival at Clackamette Park in Oregon City. The Army is sponsoring a picnic and play day for Portland-area residents who joined the Army. The event advertises a "virtual Army experience".

i'm so there 22.Jun.2007 09:20

queer anarchist

I keep reading about rad things these "seriously pissed off grannies" have been doing. Let's team up and give this tired fucking system a run for it's money!

What,No GrannieS in the GOOD IN THE HOOD PARADE ? 22.Jun.2007 19:16


Tomorrow is the good in the hood parade,11:am at MLK down MLK to King School Park.

However I'll see you Grannie in Oregon City,

Anyone coming to Oregoncity for the Grannie Park thing, take bus 33 to the Mcdonalds stop across from Lower Oregon City Shopping mall.

Walk down hill toward McDonalds and around it to get over PAST the Park area that you see the campers and skateboarders park at.

Grannies in Action 23.Jun.2007 20:57

Chris Leck

Images from today.