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Judicial Injustice

Judicial error, and the ones responsible are too arrogant to admit error, and violating an 80 year olds right to her own property under a non-existant contract.
By administrative neglect and followig judicial error,an 80 year old woman was robbed of her home and inheritance. A Contract that never existed, was used as a tool, while Breach of fiduciary (a person who had Power of Attorney in case of physical disability or mental incompetence)and who violated that trust, made claim and was given all of her property.

Advise is needed badly, and what to do next to try to get her property back.Law enforcement has been lax, stating that the time to have investigated criminal charges have passed the statute of limitation, even though reported much earlier.

If you think law will protect you, think again....

Anyone out there, who can advise or offer help on a contingency basis, please contact  Germaine234@aol.com