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Portland City Hall Photo's / pro immigration Rally 6/20/07

The irony of one conversation I heard today, is that the Minutemen agree,
That marijuana should be leagel.
Protesters for and against the leagelization of immigrants,were shoulder to shoulder in front of Portland,Oregon City hall Today.

Several Minutemen started a shoving match with youth whom were putting their huge banner out along the curb.
Youth were being shoved into traffic.So within minutes, many Portland Police Bicycle cops showed up.

Through out the 2.5 hour stand-off, Anti -immigrant protestors showed up and kept pacing among the Pro-immigrant rally attendee's.

Mayor Potter whom was the target of the anti-immigrant protestors was out of town.The 4 city commissioners were in council meetings and were appraised of the activities outside.

I spoke to Commissioner Sten, briefly at about 9.a.m. he is on the side of freeing the detainee's.
My observations of the conversations,were that the Minutemen stated over and over that pretty much all drug/meth trade is caused by THe Persons coming across the Mexican border.As well as the collapse of America's economy
School over crowding,medical clinic's bills,health care costs etc.

How low minded can you get.

Most crime in America is created by Corporations. Coorprate greed/fraud and the rich not paying a living wage to most of America's workers.
Which in return, causes outsourcing of Huge production Company's.

Canning Veggies is not a crime !! and the persons canning them should never be treated as crimnals.

GUEST WORKER and full citizenship NOW for these hard working folks.

Guest Worker? 20.Jun.2007 18:47


Actually, the "Guest Worker" program as proposed by Bush and co. isn't so great. Maybe if these workers were actually treated as guests, if they had the same protections and rights on the job, if they had the ability to become citizens, then it would be a good thing. But it's not, as the guest workers would be treated more like slaves than guests.

My favorite commment of the day from one of the anti-immigrant wackos was in response to my question about her statement about the importance of the rule of law, that these people (the detained workers) were criminals. I asked her if she would have supported slavery when it was legal. But the fun part was when I asked her what should would be willing to do for her children. Wouldn't she cross a border, break a law if it was the only way to give her children a chance of having a decent life? She said that instead of coming here and breaking the law, she would organize a revolution and overthrow the government at home. But wouldn't that be, umm, I dunno...ILLEGAL???

In other words, this person clamoring about respecting the law, and getting all crazy over some (victimless!) forgery, instead suggested that people rise up in mass to violently overthrow their government. Interesting...

To Teater 22.Jun.2007 06:58

not so youthy youth

Loved the article, but there is this habit growing on indy of calling all demonstraters who are younger than you a "youth." Now, happily, there were definitely some older folks out there that I was standing shoulder to shoulder with, but I still really don't feel like a youth. Neither do most of us. Like my 37 year old roomate, who is shorter that I, but still gets called a youth on indy. Maybe we could just start saying "person" or "demonstrator" instead of youth. Hell, you never do know with those masks on, do ya! Thanks though, and keep posting.