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The racist Oregonians for Immigration Reform will protest Potter's pro-immigrant anti-ICE stance at City Hall this Wed. Let's all greet them to say hey.
OFIR Members and supporters:

When: 9:30 am-Wednesday June 20th
Where: Portland City Hall-1221 SW 4th Ave. (Jefferson & 4th Ave).
Why: Mayor supports Illegal Del Monte workers & Day Labor Center via
What: City Council will have their meeting starting @ 9:30am

Mayor Tom Potter of Portland has criticized the I.C.E. Raids on Del Monte
foods. In doing so is supporting Identity Theft/Fraud, a Class "C"
Felony, as well as encouraging more Illegal aliens to come to Oregon. He
has been quoted as saying, "to go after local workers who are here to
support their families while filling the demands of local businesses for
their labor is bad policy" (Oregonian-6/13/07)

In an AP report, Maximimillian Trimm, a special agent with Immigration
and Customs Enforcement said, that only 48 of nearly 600 employees at the
Fresh Del Monte Produce fruit and vegetable processing plant had valid
Social Security numbers." Federal prosecutors said that 20 of the Social
Security numbers being misused belonged to people older than 60, and that
29 belonged to dead people." -William McCall, Associated Press Writer.

The Mayor is Paid & Elected to represent U.S. Citizens, Not Foreign
Nationals who are repeat FELONS, i.e. signing I-9 for Employment=Perjury,
Social Security Fraud=Felony, 2nd Illegal Entry into U.S.=Felony, etc.

Mayor & City Council also want Taxpayers to pay $200,000.00 for a DAY
State & Private Businesses already have Employment centers. What
about...Workers Compensation laws? Liability Laws? Tax Laws? Identity

BRING A SIGN/ WATER/ CAMERA/ FRIEND. Remember, we will not block any
sidewalk or entrance.
Sponsored by; Oregonians For Immigration Reform, A Non-Profit/Partisan
group of LEGAL Immigrants & Americans of all Races & Ethnicities.
www.oregonir.org or PH#503-435-0141. Carpool from Salem? VP-Rick Hickey
Driving Directions:
These are directions when approaching Portland from the south via I-5.
For individualized directions from your home starting point, please visit
 http://www.mapquest.com There are commercial parking garages scattered
through the downtown Portland area. From I-5 headed north, Take the I-405
exit- EXIT 299B- on the LEFT toward CITY CENTER / US-26 W / BEAVERTON. Go
0.2 miles.

PLAZA. Go 0.1 miles.
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto SW HARBOR DR. Go 0.5 miles
Turn RIGHT onto SW NAITO PKWY. (Less than 0.1 miles)
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto SW JEFFERSON ST. 0.2 miles
Turn RIGHT onto SW 4TH AVE. (Less than 0.1 miles)
End at 1221 Sw 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204-1904
By bus, light rail on TRI-MET PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Please visit
 http://www.trimet.org/ and fill in the Trip Planner box at upper left
corner of homepage.

How Lovley, the Moron Patrol after Fruit Canner's of America 19.Jun.2007 19:44


Last time I checked,American Prisons are full of Americans whom committed most of the crimes you whiners keep whining about hispanics and Latino' are allegedly committing.

Since when is canning Veggies a crime???

See ya tomorrow with my sign....