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Scientists Question 9/11

List of Scientists, Engineers and Architects Who Have Questioned The Official Story of the Three WTC Collapses
If there are any errors in this list please report them to me immediately and I will rectify the problem.


Garry Anaquod (Physics, Computer Science)
John Blacker (MSc Semiconductor Physics)
Amanda Gipson (MSc Physics)
Crockett Grabbe (PhD Physics)
Doug Greene (MSc Physics, MSc Computer Science)
Derrick P. Grimmer (Physicist)
David Griscom (PhD Physics)
Bill Hammel (PhD Physics)
Mike Hawryluk (BA Physics, MAT Physics)
Eric Hermanson (Engineering physics, nuclear engineering, software architect)
Jim Hoffman (MFA, Physicist, Software Engineer, Graphic Artist)
Nick Hull (Particle physics)
Greg Jenkins (PhD Physics)
Andrew Johnson (Physics, Computer Science, Software Engineering)
Steven Jones (PhD Physics)
Steven Kalavity (B.S. Geophysics; M.A. Sec. Ed.)
Justin Keogh (Physics student)
Tom Kost (BSc Engineering-Physics, MSc Physics)
Spero Larres (BA Physics and Mathematics)
Ronald Larsen (PhD Applied Physics, Materials Science)
David Liguori (BSc Physics, MEng Electrical Engineering, MSc Physics)
Peter Meyer (Computational physics)
Dennis Mitrzyk (BSc Physics, Maths; MBA)
Joshua Mitteldorf (PhD, Physics, Maths, Astronomy, Evolution)
Eóin Moloney (BSc Physics)
Terry Morrone (PhD Physics)
Nicholas Newton (Astrophysics)
Jean-Pierre Petit (Aeronautics, astrophysics, engineering)
Scott Piper (Physics)
Robert Podolsky (M.S., Physicist, Engineer)
Joanna Rankin (PhD, Physics and Astronomy)
Jeremy Rys (B.S. Physics & Marketing)
Glenn Simpson (BA Physical Geography, HS Physics and Earth Science Teacher)
Ric Swanson (BA, Retired Physics Teacher)

Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Software Engineers, etc.
Logical and computational sciences and engineering.

Gary Allen (MS/CS, Software engineering)
George Berman (BSc Hon, Systems programmer)
Christopher Bibb (BSc (Hons), Software engineer)
Mark S. Bilk (Electronics technician/engineer, computer programming)
Robert S. Boyer (Philosophy, Mathematics, Computer Science)
David Chen (Software engineer)
Muhammad Columbo (Electronic engineering)
Victor Connor (MS Electrical & Computer Engineering, retired engineer)
Alan Cronin (BS, Electronic Engineering)
A. K. Dewdney (PhD, Mathematics, Computer Science)
Thaddeus Dombrowski (Mathematics, computer science, software engineering)
Karel Donk (Software Engineering)
Richard Drake (BA (Cantab) Mathematics)
Michael Elliott (PhD Mathematics)
Russ Gerst (Mathematics)
Sean Glazier (Software engineering)
Bruce R. Henry (Mathematics)
Rita Hill (Software engineer)
James F. Holwell (Mathematics)
Robert Hulsart (Computer engineering)
Aaron Jones (Computer engineering)
Kent Knudson (Systems engineering)
Kenneth L. Kuttler (PhD Mathematics)
David Ó Laigheanáin (BSc Software Engineering student)
Tim Millea (Computer science)
Aidan Monaghan (Electronics engineering)
John Morris (Electrical design)
Foster Morrisson (BA Mathematics)
Jeff Moskin (Electronics engineering, private pilot)
Dave Nelson (BSc Mathematics)
Benjamin Pritchard (Software engineering)
Paul Robins (Electronics, Aerospace products)
Geoffrey Ritchey (BA-CS, Software Engineer)
Rose Rojas (BA Computer Science, Mathematics)
Adam Rosszay (B.S. Computer Engineering)
Christian Schladetsch (Electronics, Computer Science, Software Engineer)
Saab Siddiqui (Software engineering)
Paul Smith (Electronics Engineer)
Kenneth Sowden (Mathematics)
Robert J. Stern (MSc Applied Mathematics)
Martin Walter (Mathematics)
Lon Waters (PhD Applied Mathematics)
Timothy Waters (Bachelors in Mathematics)
Gary Welz (BA Philosophy and Mathematics, MSc Mathematics)
Don White (BAS Electronics Engineering)
Christopher Williams (BSc Software Engineering)

Architects, Engineers, Chemists, etc.
Physical sciences and engineering.

Peter Adams (BSc. Chemical Engineering, Economics)
Haluk Akol (Architect, Structural Engineer)
Am Amnusydcjkorn (Designer)
Jeff Arnold (Architect)
Victoria Ashley (BA Architecture, MA Psychology)
J. Marx Ayres (PE, Mechanical Engineer)
Hugo Bachmann (PhD Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering)
Christopher Backus (BS Mechanical Engineering)
Asif Ali Baloch (Environmental engineering)
Jim Bedinghaus (Architect)
Joe Bellows (Architect)
Tracy Belvins (Bioengineering)
Richard Besco (Engineering Staff)
Steve Bishop (BSc Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Patrick Bowers (Civil Engineering Designer)
Col. Robert M. Bowman (PhD. Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering)
Gregg Brazel (BSCNE, Construction Engineering)
James Brooks (B. Civil Engineering, Engineering Consultant)
Lydia A. Browne (M. Arch, Architectural Consultant, Strategy)
John L. Bursill (Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics)
Andrew Chapman (BSc MA, Student)
Oscar Cisnero (Architectural Professional)
Thom Clarke (Geologist)
Tim Clark (Architectural Professional)
John Cole (Architect)
Ralph Collins (ASLA, APA, Landscape Architect / Planner)
John N. Cooper (PhD, Chemistry)
Patrick B. Cottrell (Electrical engineering, liberal arts)
David Crawford (Architect)
Amy Dalgarno (Mechanical engineering student)
Massimo Dell'Affidabilità (Ing., Engineer, Structural Specialist)
Abhinav Dhaka (Architectural and/or Engineering student)
Eric Douglas (BA Architecture)
S. Drake (Electrical Engineer)
Declan Duggan (Intern Architect)
Jay Easwaran (PhD Metallurgy & Materials Science, Metallurgical Engineer)
John Eisenhart (Architect)
Ted Elden (AIA | Architect)
Justin Feider (Intern Architect)
Joel Ferrell (Aeronautical engineer, pilot)
Keith E. Fleming (BS Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Staff)
Bryan Focht (Electrical engineering student)
Robert Fritzius (Electrical engineering, ret.)
Richard Gage (AIA | BA Architecture)
Andrew Robert Gallimore (MChem (hons), PhD (cantab))
Richard Garrison (Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management)
Ringhio Gattuso (Engineer)
Don Gibbons (Architect)
Peter Gibbons (P.E, Professional Engineer)
Alan S. Glassman (M. Arch., Associate AIA, CSI, SA, Artchitectural Research Consultant)
Felix Goebel (M. Arch., Designer)
David Gregg (PhD, Chemical Engineer)
Jason Griffin (BS Civil Engineering)
Andrew Griffith (B.S. Chemical Engineering, Engineering)
Karlene Gullone (Architectural Professional)
Barry Gunderson (Machinist)
Niels Harrit (PhD, Chemistry)
Alex Hatzisavas (MEng Electrical Engineering; MBA)
Dave Heller (Architectural Professional)
Peter Hendrickson (Architect)
Dave Hill (BSc Engineering)
John Howland (Architect)
Ken Huthcinson (Architectural Professional)
Kirk Jaskoviak (RLA, Landscape Architect)
Ken Jenkins (BS Carnegie Melon, Electrical Engineer)
Danny Jowenko (Demolitions expert)
Chris Jung (Architectural Professional)
Jack Keller (PhD, PE, Civil Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Agricultural Engineering)
Dennis J. Kollar (P.E., Structural Engineer)
Ken Kious (Electrical Engineer)
Heikki Kurttila, D.Sc. (Safety Engineer)
Paul Landis (Industrial engineering)
Andrew Larsen (Environmental engineering)
Ron Paul LeBlanch (P.E., Engineer)
Jan Leits (Architectural Professional)
Jerry Liebler (Electrical engineering, metal fabrication and welding)
Lily Livingston (Architect)
Andrew Lloyd (BSc Architecture)
Jerry Lobdill (BSc Chemical Engineering)
Robert S. Lynch (Structural steel detailer)
Tom MacDonald (BSc Geology, MSc Petroleum Engineering)
Michael Maguire (Mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering)
Jon Marino (BS Civil Engineering, EIT, Design Engineer)
Joe Martin (Engineering Staff)
David Masdon (Electrical engineering)
Brad Mayeux (RF Engineering)
Rich McCampbell (BS Chemical Engineering)
Bradford McDermott (Engineer)
Brian McHugh (IEng, ACIBSE, BSc PgD, Engineer)
Martin Mellor (Engineering consultant)
Mike Meyer (Mechanical Engineer)
Kyle Michelson (Engineering)
Barry K. Miller (P.E., Mechanical Engineer)
Mason Moore (PhD Chemistry)
Peter D. Morse (P.E., Mechanical Engineer)
Ted Muga (BSCE, Naval aviator, commercial pilot, civil engineering, structural engineering)
James R. Northrup, Sr. (Welding Engineer & Journeyman Steamfitter)
RC Oliver, Jr. (Chief engineer)
Scott Page (M. Arch / Designer)
Adam Parrott (BSc Chemical Engineering)
John Parulis (Contractor)
Larry Patriarca (Aviation structural mechanic)
Charles N. Pegelow (B.S. Civil Engineering (Structural), B.S. Mathematics)
Angelo Petraglia (B. Arch., Student)
Joseph M. Phelps (MSc, PE. Structural Dynamicist ret.)
Doug Plumb (EE, Electrical Engineer)
Cameron Porter (PhD, Mechanical Engineer)
David Quinn (M.Arch., Intern Architect)
Carter W. Rae (Biology, chemistry, dentistry)
Warren J Raftshol (MS Civil Engineering)
Rick Ratjer (Materials science and engineering, emerging and fundamental science student)
Rich Reed (B.S. Structural Engineering, Structural / Soils Engineer)
Michael Reuter (Architectural Professional)
John Rexroat (Mfr. Engineer)
Richard Ricci (Ironworker)
William Rice (P.E., Structural Engineer)
Graham Richardson (Building services)
Gene Robinson (BS, Industrial engineer)
Mark Robinson (BS Mechanical Engineering)
Dominique Roddier (PhD, Naval Architect)
Jeff Rogers (MSME, Engineer)
Tim Rohach (P.E., Mechanical Engineer MSME)
Gordon Ross (Mechanical engineering, Production engineering)
Joe Rowling (Architectural staff)
Henry Rozumski (Aerospace Engineer / Analyst)
Kevin Ryan (BS Chemistry, Certified Quality Engineer)
Mojgan Saberi (BS Arch., Designer)
Micah Saichek (Chemistry)
Jörg Schneider (Dr hc, Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering)
John F. Shanahan (PE, Electrical Engineer)
Frank Shap (Local government manager, degreed engineer)
John Shinn (PhD, Chemical Engineer)
Wendy Sitler (Architectural Designer)
Jason Smith (Environmental engineering)
John Sotelo (BSME, MD, Mechanical Engineer)
Tom Spellman (BA Architecture, civil engineer)
Rob Steinhofer (MS Mechanical Engineering)
Arthur Stopes (Architectural Planner)
Chris Swigert (Architect)
Tony Szamboti (BS Mechanical Engineering)
Jeffrey Tam (Architectural Professional)
Robert Tamaki (M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Civil Engineer)
Henri Tso (Architectural Professional)
Gregory Urich (BS Electrical Engineering, Software Engineer)
Osvaldo Valdes (Architect)
Arnold A. Valdez (M. Arch, Designer/Planner)
Travis Van Brasch (Associate AIA, Design Principal)
Michael Voschine (PhD, Structural Engineer)
Kris Wagner (MSc Mechanical Engineering)
David Wilkins (Electrical Engineer)
Jason Wilkinson (Architectural Professional)
Ron Wilson (BS Electrical Engineering)
Doyle Winterton (Ret. Structural Engineer)
Elwin Wong (Architectural Professional)
Judy Wood (PhD, Mechanical/Materials/Structural Engineering)
Ian Woods (BLA, Graduate of Landscape Architecture)
Kurt Worthington (Urban Planner)
Wayne Young (BS Civil Engineering)
Michael Zebuhr [RIP] (Bioengineering)

239 scientists, engineers, professors, students and workers with relevant qualifications (and/or expected qualifications), skills and occupations, who have questioned the entirety or part(s) of the official explanation for the destruction of the three World Trade Centre skyscrapers which were destroyed on September 11th, 2001.

Sources: STJ911 member list, ST911 member list, AE911Truth petition signatories, Patriots Question 9/11, various alternative news websites

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Architects and Engineers Question 9/11 16.Jun.2007 21:25

Mary ae911truth.org

The Architects and Engineers Question 9/11 site has only been up for about a month and has been growing: ae911Truth.org

^^ 17.Jun.2007 05:43

This is...


we'll need all the credentialed supposrt we can get.

Question why the people are so blind 18.Jun.2007 18:52

9/11 truther

Hard to understand why anyone WOULD believe the official story.