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an open threat

Dems: put up or go down.
Hello there, I am a tiny ant. No, I am a parasite that rides on the antenna of a tiny ant. I have a threat to make. I think it is a good threat, and it is one I will make good on, if I have to.

The Democrat Party got a majority in Congress despite outrageous and fascistic Republican caging, spoiling, and vote theft efforts. I never expected the Dems to seize the day. But I did expect them to move against the war, prevent war with Iran, and/or convict the Republican criminals in the White House and Oval Office.

Instead, with the possible exception of John Conyers' actual subpoena this week, the Dems have funded the war, withdrawn their puny and ineffectual protest against new war, and taken impeachment (and conviction and removal) "off the table." Well, I propose to set the table.

There was a brief moment when the Dems could have used the momentum to frighten the spineless (yes, they are weaklings who need a loud master) Republicans, into going along with the super-majority American opinion. They chose to throw that moment away, in favor of meekly sitting at the back of the hall, eating the scraps the Fascists might choose to throw from time to time.

If, however, the Democrat Party does not turn completely around, flood the media, raise impeachment, stop the war, and prevent the cooking war with Iran, I have a proposal.

I will start a little office out of my home, or if I am foreclosed as seems likely, out of whatever domicile I find. It will be called "Stop the Vote."

Stop the Vote will call for complete voting boycott, and for civil disobedience tactics on election day. It will serve to raise awareness of vote counting fraud--and of the fascist Republicans who benefit--but it will also show that the system is now so corrupt, that it doesn't matter even if the voting hurdles are cleared, because THE DEMOCRATS WILL BETRAY US ALL.

I think it might catch on. It just might.

Who knows, maybe some people will listen to this little ant. Maybe the election in '08 will be marked with great resistance instead of meek compliance. It's up to the Democrats. They can either start acting responsibly, or become history, and then it will be a matter of who wants to start a new constitutional convention, and start over altogether.

What say you, fellow ants?

I say it's not a threat 15.Jun.2007 17:16


All you're promising to do is exactly what the politicians want you to do. Where is the threat in that?

The majority of citizens have not voted in any election for the past several decades. This has led to the aristocracy, their corporations, and their politicians to increase their wealth and power tremendously.

And you think more of the same will make a difference?

The solution is not to abstain from voting, but simply to refuse to support the corporate parties. It's not difficult and it has a record of success, in this country and abroad.

a vote strike is more than abstention 15.Jun.2007 19:21


Time to yank the cord on the Demopublicans. See the comments.