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Motion for Remand : Denied

A sting operation in Coos County that you won't believe.

Our Motion for Remand was denied on May 16, 2007 as we expected . The Motion was based on the errors our second attorney made . Some of those errors are pointed out in reference material,see: OSB disciplinary. My father and I were convinced by the attorney, our testimony concerning my son's Motion for new Attorney would not be needed . Only after we lost the trial, did we learn our testimony could not be allowed in the appeal,.... because we did not testify . The Motion for Remand was the only hope for us to testify.

The written transcripts to the Motion for new Attorney are incorrect . See reference material: Audio Record, notice the difference in the time reading. My father, my son and I were all present on Feb. 11 2002 and we were shocked by something our Attorney said . I purchased the tape recorded transcripts by Fran Hooten . This tape was correct and had no static, we heard Mr.Coggins repeat his statement over and over again . Mom who once worked in the Judge Advocate Generals office, said Judge Barron should have removed Mr. Coggins from the case, for defending the credibility of the confidential informant .

Due to the fact that we will not be testifying in a court of law, I will begin testifying here and will include my story and experiences along the way. My site has just been renewed and I will be posting soon. I believe we can all learn something from my story, please feel free to check in once and a while.

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