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Multnomah Co. Animal Shelter is at maximum capacity for holding cats. Summer is the time when many people dump cats (often with litters - or just the litters) at the shelter; owned cats, stray cats, feral cats, you name it! Other shelters are full too, which means the county shelter has no place to send them to!
Spring, summer, and now fall is kitten season. People who fail to spay/neuter their cats and then dump them or just let them run around and breed can be thanked for the mass influx of cats into every shelter in the country. However, municipal shelters don't have the luxury of closing their doors when they are full. Multnomah County must keep their doors open for every "stray" that comes through their doors. Which means when they get full they must start making hard choices - and those choices often mean death for many wonderful cats alread at the shelter waiting for their new home.

The other regional shelters are just as full, which means there is no place to send cats to. The county shelter's foster homes are full also. Multnomah County recently put out a press release about the dire need for permanent and foster homes, but I guess unless you are Oregon Humane Society the local media does not see fit to print such "downer" news.

Please, if you have room in your home and your heart, please consider adopting or fostering one of these wonderful cats. I know many on here have a dim view of government, but please put your feelings aside for the animals that really need your help right now. I would very much like to have people post creative ideas and suggestions for helping out the animals (I'm a volunteer there), not bashing the shelter. I just want to save animals that are already on this earth.

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Save them! 14.Jun.2007 23:12

Multnomah County Employee

SHIT! There are no "hard choices" for some of the management here. They think it's easy. It is normal policy to just kill animals that are homeless. They don't even TRY to find homes. Instead, they have only ONE freakin shelter in the entire county where people can go to adopt, and it's way the fuck out past GRESHAM, and it's NEVER open. No convenient hours like the Oregon Humane Society. It's very difficult to get in there and help these animals. Most people don't even know where it is. But please, if you don't, then who knows what will happen. This is not like OHS, where animals are kept until adopted. This is the place where they get almost no time at all, and no one is trying to help.

This SUCKS. It sucks it sucks it sucks. I've been trying for years to get them to make this a no kill shelter, to make it more accessible, and to stop killing animals. But no one will LISTEN! This is your county too. PLEASE take a stand. Let them know what you think. And contact all your county commissioners. Something must be done.

felines 15.Jun.2007 07:43

chairman meow

People who don't like cats must have been mice in past lives.

Creative Ideas 02.Dec.2007 20:36


I volunteer as well and have made many suggestions that are ignored. I have offered my services at times that they were turned down. I don't know what else I can do? Help!