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Grannies Project War Images On Buildings

Clip one:: Grannies use projector to shoot war images on buildings
Clip two:: This is the video that the Grannies were projecting on the walls
On Saturday 6-8-07 The SPOG Brigade of Grannies use a DVD, a projector, and a generator, to shoot war images on walls downtown near the Rose Festival Fun Center

Joe Anybody filmed the two projections by the Grannies on 6-8 and posted a video on YouTube here:

The montage of Pictures and Sounds from Iraq that the Grannies projected onto the walls is also
on YouTube you can see it here:

The Grannies are committed to exposing the atrocities of this illegal war
They are Seriously Pissed Off!
They are taking direct action to motivate citizens of Portland and around the world...
To reject apathy and tolerance for war and killing and to demand the war ends now!
Please help me support The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies efforts of peace.

Respect Your Elders

homepage: homepage: http://zebra3report.tripod.com/joeanybodyshome/id89.html

Thank you for your work, Joe 14.Jun.2007 18:31

Jody Paulson

This is what we're missing from our nightly news. Americans are not taking responsibility for the horror that is going on in their name. Somebody needs to be held to account for all the pain and suffering that we're being deliberately kept in the dark about. It's time to shine a light on the festering wound, there is no other way to heal it.

The reality is ugly as hell. But we have to force ourselves to look. Ultimately, we're the ones responsible for this. If we'd only admit that, we can put a stop to it.

Ugly Message Needs to Be Told 14.Jun.2007 19:29

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Thanks You Are Exactly Right Judy

When One Confronts What Is Really Happening Inside Iraq
The Truth Begs One To ...Urge The War End Immediately
The Grannies Are Bringing The Truth To The Public

Three ...  4 .......What are we fighting for?
Three ... 4 .......What are we fighting for?

So Cool ! 14.Jun.2007 20:06

V & G

What an incredible idea ! You Grannies never cease to amaze us !

what a stupendous idea and effort 14.Jun.2007 20:25


Thanks Joe, and you wonderful Grannies.

What it takes 15.Jun.2007 12:39


Thank you so much to the Grannies and their continually courageous direct actions and to Joe Anybody, our faithful documentarian.

Legislation and bureaucracy are wastes of time. There are hundreds of millions of us and thousands of them, and we're losing. Hopefully your enthusiasm and effort and the direct actions of everyone in the community will open the eyes of a few more to the fact that WE WIELD THE POWER, and that by sitting silently on the sidelines WE ARE COMPLICIT IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Thanks again. See you in the streets

Grannies and Grampa 15.Jun.2007 16:30

You all f***ing ROCK!!!

That was a BRILLIANT idea! Disrupt the consumer extravaganza by showing the the truth of the very fucking thing they are supporting (in essence, whether they realize it or not). I have always thought highly of you guys, and this is another reason you are so special. Keep it up - we need you!