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domestication of the mind

This is a partial PressWatch script for the show broadcast on KBOO this morning at 9AM. I hope to have the show available as a podcast soon.
The opinions expressed in this edition of PressWatch are those of Theresa Mitchell alone, and do not necessarily represent the policy nor opinion of KBOO staff, Board, volunteers, engineers, nor Public Affairs staff and volunteers. This PressWatch will tell the truth, and it will cause hurt feelings, and explosions of rage. This is my warning to you: listen carefully, and if you are listening to a recorded version on podcast or otherwise, listen well. The pain and rage you suffer will be a powerful medicine against the continuation of our world-destroying American culture. You have been warned.

Now, I want to talk about how your mind became domesticated.

The central aspect of the lack of democracy in the United States today, is the simple fact that the population is domesticated, rather than empowered. There are many facets to this state of domestication, so I'd like to start right at the heart of basic mind control. To institute and maintain the current state of fascism, it was necessary to create a class of citizens incapable of independent thought. US citizens, in large part, react to authority without being able to critically think. There are reasons for this. Here is one titanic and inescapable reason:

We spank our children.

It doesn't matter whether you personally were ever spanked—what matters is that a sufficient percentage of the US public has been subjected to this insidious form of a+buse, thereby creating a social dynamic of autonomic reaction to authority. The pressure of conformity affects our every public gesture. We have reason to fear the reaction of domesticated minds, whenever some line or icon set by the elites is breached.

There is a reason the government supports cowardly child-beating advocates like James Dobson. The fact is, spanking is powerful psychosexual abuse, setting the stage for mind control, particularly in terms of automatic reaction to-- and acceptance of-- authority, particularly abusive, fascistic authority. But don't take it from me. [This is from the] UMASS extension service website:

Spanking - What Research Says
"A 1994 survey (USA Today-CNN-Gallup Poll) found that 67 percent of American adults agree that, "it is sometimes necessary to discipline a child with a good, hard spanking." That's a 20 percent drop from a similar survey in 1986, but spanking remains a widely accepted discipline tool. The notion that spanking a child is a parent's obligation also persists.
... .We've learned that children who are spanked control their behavior to avoid being hit. But children of nonspanking parents tend to control their behavior on the basis of right and wrong. They learn to control their behavior without parental involvement. We've also learned that the more corporal punishment an individual experiences, the greater the probability that person as an adult will be depressed, feel alienated, and have thoughts of committing suicide. Higher rates of depression and alienation can lead to lower earnings and occupational achievement later in life.
Here are some other things you should know about spanking:
· Seventy percent of child abuse cases begin as spanking.
· Spanking hinders the development of empathy, remorse, or compassion. The child focuses on the pain, rather than the effect of his or her own behavior on others.
· Corporal punishment, used at the toddler age, can reduce the degree to which children develop a conscience.
The research done by Straus tells us that if parents avoid spanking and find other ways to discipline, they are likely to have children who are easier to manage and better behaved. "
Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Why hit the hips, that is, why "spank" rather than beat our children in some other way? The usual excuse is that the gluteals are large muscles. But the biceps and quadriceps are also large muscles, aren't they? The fact is, striking the buttocks causes convulsions of the Kegel muscle groups, that is, the pelvic floor muscles, the gluteals, the inner thigh muscles, and the levitor ani. The last time I brought this topic up on the air, some man was enraged enough to call in and claim he was a doctor, and pretend that he had never heard of the Kegel muscle group. It was a desperate attempt to discredit an ineluctable fact: spanking is sex abuse. Again, why take my word for a powerful statement like that? Greater minds have done the work.
[Here is an] Excerpt from "Child-spanking as Sexual Abuse"
By Leila Holm, child abuse researcher at Åbo Akademi University in Vasa, Finland, published 2005:
"... .Hite devotes a whole chapter to punishments and sexuality. She claims that spanking deforms the child's sexuality and eroticism. Oddly enough, she does not consider boys to the same extent as she considers girls, although [psychological researchers] Money (1986) and Straus (1994) clearly point out that boys are in a greater risk of developing a masochistic personality than are girls. Girls develop faster than boys. A girl can reach orgasm already at ages four or five, while boys start to orgasm (without ejaculation) at the age of seven at most. Striking a child on the buttocks in this sensitive age means that the parent actually seizes power over the child's body and by force gives a message that mixes power, violence and sexuality13 . John Money14 tells of a letter that he received after a lecture he gave in India:
"During my schoolhood in a Christian missionary Anglo-Indian Institute in Calcutta we were (all boys) often caned on our upturned, upraised buttocks by the headmaster (with his attractive wife sometimes looking on and passing humiliating, sarcastic comments). Needless to say, this brutalized our love-maps, and in certain cases brought about orgasms and a sickening addiction to the rod and a good whipping." [end quote]
This example clearly shows how the child's buttocks function as an erogenous zone.15 Children also talk about how they fantasize about spanking and use these fantasies as stimulants during masturbation. ... .The child's sexuality doesn't pop up out of nowhere in the beginning of puberty but rather is there from the beginning and develops slowly from birth17 .
... .One must also remember that the violence can be sexualized in the mind of the child quite independently of what drives the adult who spanks. Violence against a child's buttocks is therefore dubious from different point of views. "

There you have it: spanking is sex abuse. The only people who should ever spank each other are consenting adults seeking sexual satisfaction—and it can work pretty well that way. Kids, if you're being spanked right now, or if you think you might be, call 9-1-1 and report your sickening, damaging abuse. Parents, don't blame yourselves for spanking—just stop it, now. You were tricked into it by elites bent on social control. Admit, parents, that your desire to spank comes from a pathological impulse to control your own feelings of humiliation, by passing on the act to someone powerless. I'm talking about a well-known psychological phenomenon called "transference of aggression." It happens when you haven't confronted your own pain.

People of America, admit that you have set yourselves and your children up for unconscious manipulation, by any parent-like authority. You have done this, because your minds were domesticated. You have done this as automatons, by destroying the inner approval and control of sexual pleasure, by the act of spanking. Control of sexual approval and pleasure has long been powerfully linked to the ability to accept oneself and to think independently—that's why the troops at Abu Ghraib were instructed to sexually humiliate their interrogation victims. The sex abuse was about breaking their minds. Spanking is sex abuse.

I'll say it again: Spanking is mind control, by means of sexual manipulation. It is sick, wrong, and greatly contributes to the domestication of the minds of US citizens. If you were spanked, go back in your mind to those feelings of powerlessness, humiliation and control, and grieve for the inner power that you lost. Stop passing it on to future generations. Apologize to your spanked children, and if they are still young, assure them that they will never, ever be spanked again. (You will then suffer a period of maniacal disobedience as they instinctually test your new resolve, to see if they are truly free. Suffer it! Feel the pain! Suffer it like an adult. Feel the freedom from domestication, for yourself and your children.)

Spanking is a non-consensual sadomasochistic act essential to fascism, and that's why James Dobson and George Bush love it. I know full well that saying and repeating this truth will drive spankers mad with fury. So be it. On behalf of the powerless, I say, grow up America, and admit to your own domestication.

Domestication may start with spanking, but it doesn't stop there. Absence of information, that is, ignorance, is essential to herding people like shepherds herd sheep. Our schools are constantly in the news due to downward pressure on monetary support. We have been convinced, somehow, that the best way to ensure our future is to destroy the base of educated adults. It's an idea that is so stupid on its face, that it depends on appeals to greed and jealousy. People have actually felt supported and empowered to publicly state that they don't feel the need to support public education, since they personally haven't reproduced. The illogic of this outburst of narcissism somehow escapes public scrutiny. How absurd it is to have to state the obvious: if we expect the society to function well as we age, we must pass on better and better education to our young—and all young people are "our young." But when it comes to elite control, it is better that a smaller and smaller portion of the public be educated. This has been expressed from time to time by elite-oriented conservative groups, who would prefer that their rule not be challenged by college-educated upstarts who actually expect to have some say over the shape of public policy.

Since humans have the dangerous capacity to think independently, that ability must be curtailed in several ways. Certainly spanking begins the destruction of individual will nicely, but it is also necessary to divert the public's rage onto itself, rather than onto controlling elite groups. Classically, European-linked peoples have divided the population into good and suspect groups, and the first and most insidious of these divisions is sex. Femininity, rather than being celebrated as the majority gender aspect, is instead vilified from beginning to end. It is no mistake or oversight that women are still getting seventy-five percent of male wages for the same work. Likewise, the fact that childrearing is simultaneously sneered at as degrading, and principally assigned to women, is no mistake. The second-class status of women is an important part of the domestication of the public mind. Hence we have the Bush Administration and its fellow fascists in the Supreme Court claiming that women do not have the sense to decide about their own bodies and health care, in cases of abortion.

Common sense would dictate that, since reproduction takes place in the womb of the female, it is up to the female to decide whether or not to bring a microscopic fertilized egg to term. Women have the power of life and the power of death, whether men like it or not. Many a fertilized egg is discarded, when the body or the mind of the woman decides that the time is not right to devote two decades to child-rearing. Men are often not privy to these decisions, nor should they be. But for Bush and Scalia, it is important to pretend that women are less than men, if only because it greatly serves the domesticators of humanity to mindlessly set half the population against the other half. The abortion debate is no ideological battle over the humanity or consciousness of the fertilized egg—that is a ruse. It is about the destruction of women's self-empowerment and self-control. It is about rendering control of women's bodies to the State—a perverted paradigm that successfully renders half the human population into a state of suspicion of criminality. The woman's social and personal responsibility of life or death within her own body is effectively now stolen by fascist domesticators like Antonin Scalia and Pope Benedict. Only those with sufficient economic resources and, in some cases, the capacity for stealthy flight from their environs, can escape this domination of their own wombs. What should be private is now suspiciously examined in the light of the criminal court. In several US States, not only men, but fully domesticated women, can be expected to participate in criminalizing a woman's right and responsibility of selective abortion.

Abortion denial, however, is only the upper gate of Hell for the domestication of women. The real enforcer is rape. You have been raped, or you know someone who has been raped; I have been raped, the women close to me have been raped, and in fact I'd be quite comfortable in stating that in all probability, most women and a great number of men have been raped. Rape is the enforcement tool for patriarchy. Consider my only-too-typical rape: A Boy Scout official set me up to be raped by his son, and I was too humiliated even to tell my parents, much less the police. I was told it was all my fault. The percentage of rapes that actually get recorded by police must be very small indeed, and the corollary deduction must be that most women face rape at some point in their lives. It's a soul-destroying act, and it is the punishment for -for what? For being feminine.

As a domesticating force, its power is practically unequalled. Who can believe in themselves, who can resist Authority, when the punishment for simply being feminine, is to be raped? Rape domesticates us better than a ring and a rope in the nose. Therefore, it's very important to the ruling elites that rape not be reported nor stopped-- particularly in our prisons, where it is used for control—as I mentioned in the case of spanking. Sexual humiliation is a great controller for those who would deny popular decision-making based on education, empowerment, and equality. By our silence we are domesticated. Say moo for the nice elite class.

Think of the contradictions: you can be raped for being too feminine—your fault, for being seductive. You can be raped for not being feminine enough—your fault, for denying men their right to be seduced. You can be raped for refusing your uncle's advances, when you are only a few years old—your fault, for letting him corner you. You can be raped for being old—not pleasing enough, not fast enough. You can be raped for insisting that you don't want to be raped—again, your fault, for infuriating him. You can be raped for being loud and annoying. You can be raped for being seductively quiet and unassuming. Bottom line for the second class citizen we call Woman is: shut up. Do as you're told. And that has a nice depressing effect on wages, just right for the elite capitalist class, who hate to pay out any more than absolute desperation demands.

We spank our children, we are silent when our beloveds are raped. We thereby reproduce our own domestication. That's the beauty of it—we enforce our own oppression. Once the paradigm is in place, it runs on its own energy. But there's more to our domestication than child abuse and rape.

If women are bad for being women, it follows naturally that men who act in some way like women are also bad. The domesticated mind, therefore, is trained to hate homosexuals. The fact that many gay men are not necessarily feminine, or are in fact exaggeratedly masculine, can be easily overlooked by the domesticated mind. Once the control ring is in the nose, apparently, logic has no effect on the thinking process. Likewise, women who love women are despised for not being feminine enough, and never mind that being feminine is so despicable that there is no hope for equality in pay or freedom of the body for women. Or women who love women are despised for rendering their femininity to someone not male.

Is there a contradiction there? Never you mind. Logic is the enemy of the domesticated mind. Queerness must therefore be sought out and destroyed, and never mind that queerness is a long-evolved social defense mechanism against excessive gender dimorphism.

Whoops, there's a dollar word—dimorphism. I mean that queerness has many functions in animal social groups—this is an inescapable fact, as solid as is evolution, one of those bedrock facts that won't go away no matter how much it is hated. Exaggerated sexual dimorphism may be illustrated by some species of spider, in which the female is a dozen times the size of the male, and in fact eats the male after copulation, thereby disposing of his attentions and adding to her needed caloric content while reproducing. We humans are thinking animals, and equality is our ally in survival, hence we have queers and transgender persons to even things out and prevent society-destroying alienation between the sexes. Queers are necessary to survival!

Happy queer pride day on KBOO!

But the social equality and gender freedom that queerness implies must be suppressed, otherwise men would get the idea that they could express their own true emotions, and women would get the idea that they could be independent of men. If such a paradigm were to break out, wages would be forced upward, horror of horrors.

I am personally the horror of horrors, a male-to-female transgendered person. I had the nerve to announce my transformation while at work, and thanks to the diligent work of my forequeers in the Oregon Legislature and the Portland City Council, my workplace was forced to not fire me, and even had to allow me to use a gender-neutral bathroom while transitioning. Imagine the rage and discomfort that produced—and then I had the nerve to announce that I was done transitioning, and that I would use the women's facilities from now on.

That was not done without protest and resentment, but those darn PC laws were on the books, so the properly domesticated people were forced to run out of the bathroom whenever I arrived, poor things. As I went about my job, however, the management got its revenge, as the public was allowed to taunt, threaten, and attack me over and over, through a period of several years, until I developed a case of panic disorder so advanced, that 150 milligrams per day of sertraline could not control it. I begged, and threatened legal action, against the management over those years, trying to be treated as anyone else would be, when my doctor recommended medically necessary surgery. The sneering response was that I could sue them. They knew damned well that I could not hire a competing legal team with my working class wages.

My mind finally became too panic-plagued to safely drive a thirteen-ton vehicle one day last March, ending my ability to work; under the Family Leave Act, however, I was able to keep my medical care for three months, even though my wages gradually disappeared. Facing the end of my employability, and the end of my health care, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and in order to prevent the continual and gradual poisoning of my body by anti-androgen compounds, I went into a hospital women's room earlier this month, put a torniquet over my genitalia to prevent bleeding, and castrated myself with a meat shears.

No psychiatric professional was called. No medical professional, no urologist, no general practicioner, no psychological counselor, has yet told me that I did the wrong thing; on the contrary, they sympathize with my desperation. The medical profession knows that gender dysphoria, or transgenderism if you prefer, is not at all an elective or voluntary thing—that's why my doctor long ago ordered surgery. It was no doctor that refused my surgery, it was the management at my work place, arrogating the role of medical supervisor, in my opinion purely on the basis of their bigotry. I was forced to cut myself to end the threat to my health—it's as simple as that. And I was forced by years of intentional medical neglect. But I am not domesticated, and if, like a trapped logger, I must cut myself free of the crushing weight of patriarchal control, I will do it; I did do it. I am free.

Did I mention that it's Queer Pride Month? It began with a riot, you know. It was called Stonewall. Look it up, and know what solidarity and direct action can produce.
Domesticating our minds to the extent that we will allow the destruction of other nations, and indeed the destruction, the mass extinction, of the entire planet's ecosystem, requires yet more control mechanisms. Otherwise wild free thought might break out. This is particularly true now that television news is losing its hold on the hearts and minds of the US public. Nothing could be more terrifying to the Bush and Cheney class. So it's time to bring intimidation into the mix—intimidation, race hatred, and the promotion of doublethink. A basic deconstruction of government-supplied statistics shows the genocidal fact that one in three Black American men can expect a brush with, or confinement by, the prison system. And just this week, another arbitrary and political raid was conducted against persons of Mexican, Guatemalan, and Salvadoran citizenship working in a Del Monte packing plant within a bus ride of this radio station. And if you're a person who is insufficiently loyal to the Bush Administration, consider this excerpt of a report from ABC News just yesterday, June 13th: "The ... [FBI] says the number of names on its terrorist watch list is classified. A portion of the FBI's unclassified 2008 budget request posted to the Department of Justice Web site, however, refers to "the entire watch list of 509,000 names," which is utilized by its Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force." That ought to chill a few rally attenders, that and the fact that plans for martial law have been laid out in great detail in the last few years, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid out to Kellogg, Brown and Root, to build detention camps for some unnamed contingency.
ABC News occasionally spits out a useful fact. This is quite useful in disguising the fact that ABC News is a loyal promoter of the Iraq War and anything else the Bush Administration deems important. You will not see, for example, on ABC News, nor on any of their corporate counterparts, a serious discussion of the transparently false reasons given the US public to excuse the horrific bombing, invasion, and brutal occupation of Iraq, nor even the fact that the bloody and indiscriminate bombing campaign has intensified over the last few months. The absence of information is quite important to the domestication of the US public. One does not inform cattle that the slaughterhouse is just up the trail.
Likewise, the impending war against Iran, which would be heartily rejected by the public if it were allowed the luxury of democratic debate, is not featured at all by ABC, NBC, CBS, nor any of the three-letter propaganda organs. The Democrats in Congress, who were elected past a vote-destroying electoral machine by a public desperate to end war, recently voted to allow Bush to start the new war any time he wants. War with Iran is real, it's coming, it will be catastrophic, and it's simply none of your business. So just shut up about "Responsibility to the electorate," America, but keep repeating the phrase "democracy and freedom," as if you had any idea of what it might really mean. And keep sending your sons and daughters to be killed enforcing elite rule.
Getting back to intimidation, don't forget that you live in a nation in which 2.2 million people are in prison—a police state without precedent in supposed peacetime. Forget that the FBI crime lab has been caught massively faking evidence against accused persons. Forget that you could be accused of anything, anything at all, and effectively be considered guilty, unless proven capable of paying out thousands in cash to a lawyer, and imprisoned in the meantime. But DO remember that Senator Edward Kennedy, and commentator Randi Rhodes, and thousands of American dissenters, have been taken back from airline ticket counters under orders from the secretive and unaccountable Transportation Safety Administration. For your mind to be properly domesticated, you must live in fear—and it's only necessary to shoot and imprison a small percentage of us, to keep the rest in fear.
I'm skipping over a few things here, including State-supported fundamentalist religion, and blind adherence to capitalist hierarchy, but I think I've covered a few of the basic factors, in domesticating your mind. My question is, do you want to live your own life, or do you want to live as a cipher, a pawn, a meat animal? The revolution begins in your mind first. You have to decide—freedom or slavery. Which will you choose?