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Alberta clowns moving out

We are classed out friends, where will the new Clown house be?
the kids working out a new set
the kids working out a new set
Cruelty free, car free circus tribe is needing some new digs.
Any ideas?

homepage: homepage: http://www.clownhouse.org

some pics 14.Jun.2007 00:48


room for a free bike shop?

Rapture sale? 14.Jun.2007 08:27

jesus the dishwasher

Hey yall.
Luv yer work.
you always make me laff wen im on alberta street.
I met u mayday 2000, the pigs was chasin me and one of yer clowns (Drizit)
took a face ful of pepper spray so we could get away.
maybe yous guys can justwait for the rapture and have the house of your choice.
just kidding dont stress fam.
be seein ya

OK dingo dribble 15.Jun.2007 07:36


Glad I could help. Next time remember that "drug dealers" have a right to live in the neighborhood too, just like "clowns".