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I wrote the following on Gloria Taft's blog (860fm)(5-8pm)
Her web blog is pro-ICE pro-HATE
In response to all the Racist Hate Mongers, I posted this today on -->

The Hate is rich out here today
The Hate that burns in your hearts
The Hate that removes all feelings for Human Kindness
The Hate that blinds you and urges you to Hate More, and More

I tell you all, The Hate that is in your Hearts and in your handwriting is ugly, spiteful, and reeks with racism!

Be proud of your words
Be proud of your Hate
Be proud that your Energy is used on ruining lives, no not your lives, you Hate ruins other people lives

Be proud and Celebrate
Be true to your Racism and White Pride
Your mouths only speak of revenge, prison, jails, and breaking up families and lives.
Be proud of your ignorance and your willingness to destroy families and to ruin communities

Ignore my voice
Ignore Your Mayor
Ignore Your Senators
Ignore The Archbishops

For your March Of Hate has the walls, the jails, the ICE Brigade, all to help you hide the faces and the broken spirits of Human beings.

Hide them away, over deserts and boarders
Bring Busses, bring trains, treat them like sub humans.
Laugh, point, and celebrate
Raise the Flag Of Hate High on the pole
Call for more raids, more arrests, and more Hate.
Let your Freedom To Hate Ring!
Let it ring across the land

And continue to do this all proudly, put your name to it.
Tell your children that Your Hate is the "right way" to treat people.
Teach your children how to Hate.

Let It Flow ..... HATE and Racism is what you proudly stand for ....
You are shining bright in your vengeful ways.... your love is evident, your compassion overwhelming.

I hope America can see your true ugliness and still respect you (but I doubt it).... I find it hard to even imagine how to pick up the Racist torch, like you have chosen to do.... You all are real pride and joys of this great country.

A real legacy to remember you all by.

"The Hate Mongers of 2007 Creed"
"We are (w)right - you are brown we want you all out of our town"

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com