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Senator Avel Gordly's Statement on Immigration Raid

Another strong statement from a local politician.
June 13, 2007
From the office of Senator Avel Gordly

Contact: Sean Cruz, Chief of Staff at 503-986-1723 or reply to this email

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Senator Gordly's statement on immigration raids

Senator Gordly spoke in support of Portland Mayor Tom Potter in a remonstrance on the Senate floor today, referring to the Mayor's statement on Tuesday's immigration raids.

Senator Gordly released the following statement:

"I join Mayor Potter in expressing absolute outrage about the immigration raid at a food processing plant in Portland on Tuesday.

"People doing hard work for minimum wage to support their families are not criminals, regardless of their immigration status. They are not a danger to anyone. You won't find criminals by looking among those who are washing, chopping and packaging lettuce. What you will find are the working poor, many of whom have fled grinding poverty and desperation to do this humble work.

"Law enforcement resources should be directed at apprehending and locking up criminals, those who are a danger to society.

"I question the use of valuable and limited resources by federal authorities to target these unfortunate workers and their families instead of addressing the real dangers posed by terrorism, smuggling and other threats to public safety.

"We need a federal policy that takes into account the productive work that these people are doing and that honors family relationships. We should not tolerate tearing families apart.

"The immigration laws of this nation need to be rewritten now, in this U.S. Congress.

"I thank Mayor Potter for speaking directly and forcefully about one of the most significant issues of our time." --Avel Gordly

Congress continiously Fails to Hire Enough Documentation -Certification Workers 13.Jun.2007 20:27

Teresa Teater

o6. 13.Jun.2007 14:55
Teater link

Thank-You Senator Gordly for your diligence upon this ...."Blessed are the PeaceMakers",Which you are !!!

I lay blame on all of Congress whom as long failed to step up and failed to hire and train the personell (even temporary)to document- inerview and process all immigration case's that are over 13 years old, and or of different ethnic groups.

Why always target the Hispanic-Latino workers ?

The money Congress and Bush are wasting on Border guards and patrols, could instead be used on the above workers, setting up at a processing gate on heavy traffic area's of the borders.

Hand the paperwork to persons wanting to establish citizenship,register the address that they're going to be at,Make their employeer contact officials upon hiring them.
Create a papertrail,so as to find people later,if they don't complete citizenship by a deadline.

It's no different than trusting a person on parole, to check in with their P.O. Officer. If they allude their probation and it's plan,a warrant gets issued,and sooner or later they show up on somebody's radar

They want to be here, and we do need them contray to what some people say whom claim they cant get jobs,because Hispanic-Latino's have taken them all.
Did any of you unemplyeed whiner's get to the front Gate of the processing plant this Morning to get that Job, that you claim you could not get ?
(You probably don't that IMC exisits either)
I did'nt think so !!!

Now I'm suggesting right here, while feds have these arressted undocumented workers locked -up, hand them the paperwork to take with them to get citizenship in America !! don't just send them away
NoBody gets off the bus without an invite to come back,temporary voter registration forms, and the info for filing for a proper social security card.

Do you in Congress not understand,what you allowed to happen in Portland,Oregon yesterday ?

Years and Years ago when I still lived in Nebraska, and the Grand Island Meat Packing Plant was raided by immigration agents, as it was again recently, my former Congressman, BoB Kerrey ( 9-11 commissioner )was called BY the Governor of Nebraska in an emergency in D.C. re: the raid, and how the federal Bus's were headed to the Nebrask -Colorado border.

BOB KERREY got the Deportation BUS's stopped and at his emergency press conference,He said," you will not abandon all these children( whom are Born in Nebraska-American's by birth right) , whom have come home from school to find both parents arressted and gone.
You will not put the burden of funding the Foster home's and State Healthcare Industry upon the backs of law abiding Nebraska citizen's! "

"Congress has not federally set aside funding for the Orphaned Children, Just Dollars for the Federal Housing arrests of the Parents and all others."

I agree 100% percent with Bob Kerrey then, and it still is the same today..!!
The money wasted to search out,arrest,detain,and deport, and then state workers to go round up children left behind,would have more than paid for Government documentation workers, and etablish a nationl registry system,issue temp visa's, collect taxes by issuing social security numbers. etc.

I always say,"their is a solution for everything" We just have to be willing to work together to achieve it."

Now I want to clairify something, the Feds whom did the raid, know whom used what fake I.D. and social security number's to work in that plant, the tax dollars collected off of that illegally gotten social security number should be returned to the worker whom paid it, even with a bogus social security number.
It could be set aside into an account to put toward their own defense,and or toward the fee's of the proper application back into America.

If it is not O.K. with the feds for undocumented workers to be in America, then it is illegal for America to keep ill gotten gains of paid tx dollars.
The Feds got their operating dollars long time ago, so they, the feds, should not justify keeping money from a hard days work.
Most of the undocumented workers can justify not having committed crimes while here already,

I applaud Mayor Tom Potter for stepping up and making his statement today,defending the rights of the arrestee's
I dare him to go one step futher and grant temporary citizenship only in Portland, to all those in the detention center being held.
Yes, he can do it,BOB Kerrey DID, it just takes a lot of Phone calls
Anne Curray,(Oregon Native) reported the Raid story this Morning via NBC's the Today show.

"Bob Kerrey ,Currently University President" ,can be reached at "New School University" in New York City for advice on how to achieve this.


Hooray for Avel! 17.Jun.2007 10:55

proud to be her constituent

I'm quoted as Marian D in her second notice, which is posted elsewhere at Portland Indymedia.

Thank goodness she's my Senator!

Marian D