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Batting Averages

I am tired of being battered by the legal system becuase they are more worried about their careers than justice. These men should not be walking free in our colleges and communities without a fair and decent trial.
Batting Averages

Every DA needs to guard
Their prosecution vs conviction record
Like a batting average.
If you want to be judge
Your career depends on it.

So when Dolores Carr,
Prosecuting DA for Santa Clara county
Heard that 6 healthy young men
Who attended De Anza College
And played college Baseball
Had raped a 17 year old child
Until two witnesses had helped
To clear the room
And assisted the puke ridden
Incoherent young child out-
A victim who had kept mumbling
"I am so sorry."
And was crying

Carr already knew what her batting average was
And said "I can not
Prosecute this case.
There is no system of justice
That will allow me to put
These men on trial in front
Of a jury of peers."

"I am sorry
But I got to look at batting averages
And these grown men can rape
All they want
Little girls
Cause I can't afford to make
A mistake in my career."

These are the batting averages
That every rape victim in america is facing.
These are the batterers.
We have the ball.
When are we going to go on strike and
Call these men out?