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In a World Without Escape

Deportations increase, borders tighten, and the already-undignified conditions of life worsen...

Across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, people are constantly fleeing poverty, famine, war, and industrial disasters. What most come to find is that misery knows no borders.
Politicians, wanting to appear tough on immigration, spread racist fear of "invasions" to gain votes from reactionary citizens. Yet, the exploitation of cheap immigrant labor is the source of super profits for a variety of industries that finance these politicians. The media aids state repression by vilifying undocumented people and building democratic support for round-ups, deportations, and imprisonment in detention centers.

Bureaucrats, capitalists, and their various henchmen function according to the rules of the system. Our world is dominated by capitalism, thus everything is valued solely for its ability to be bought and sold, whether it's land, food, housing, or human beings. Furthermore, the globe is divided like a giant chessboard by states and capitalists vying for control of resources, territories, and populations.

Immigration has always been a problem for those who rule this world because of their continual need for a stable and obedient pool of laborers to exploit. In the US, undocumented workers slaving for low wages keep consumer prices down, concealing the fact that everyone's situation is becoming more precarious. Real wages have decreased, while the costs of gas, healthcare, education, food, and housing are skyrocketing. Meanwhile, the Mexican state depends on emigration as a safety valve for defusing the potential of poor and unemployed people to rebel as they recently did in Oaxaca and San Salvador Atenco.

In a world in which some are left to die in deserts or on the seas simply because they lack a piece of paper, it is not hard to see that every one of us is disposable. Let's destroy the borders that enforce the poverty of one place for the starvation of another. The concentration camps that confine, the agents who kidnap, and the planes and buses that transport people like cargo are the machinery of deportation and detention. And like all machines, they can be shut down. The strikes, demonstrations, and student walkouts of 2006 show that only through solidarity and collective struggle can we destroy this society that forces us to choose between imprisonment and forever being on the run.

-some people against all borders and all states

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